Sunday, January 30, 2011

pre-emptive assumptions

Blogger Davo said...

mm, that post was somewhat 'uncharacteristic', but yup. Understood.

One of the things that fascinates me IS words; the use thereof, and the subliminal resonances - yer, I know, bear with me on this.

Have, quietly and without success, argued that there was no real reason to change the perception from "handicapped" to "disabled".

Think on this; horseracing analogy.

The BEST, most able, horses are handicapped. given weights to slow them down.

drag them down into some sort of 'equality'.

Just playing with conceptual words - but if i had a preference - would rather be 'handicapped', not 'dis-abled'.

January 30, 2011 11:59 PM

That, obviously, is a "copy 'n' paste, and for some reason beyond my knowledge of the hidden "codes" behind computer programming, didn't transfer accurately.

The "words" did, but not the "format".

So, which is more important to communication and understanding? Words or format. Words or 'pretty', 'beautiful', 'attractive' "presentation"?

Not only that, it was a "comment" on someone elses blog - and am not all that fluent on the keyboard at the best of times, and sort of resent it when "the computer" tells me what words to write, and how to spell them -especially if it subliminally takes the "you" out of 'colour'.

So much, so much; belongs to a longer story. So many trees trashed with wasted words.

Define "homeless" in 20 words or less.

But getting back to this concept of "handicapped" vs "dis-abled".

A recent friend of mine regularly (or not) turns up on my doorstep with a carton of beer under his arm. Left formal education at age 12 - been around a bit (drill rigs and mines sites at various places on this planet). Now age 42, survived a massive heart attack and stroke about 2 years ago; six months in coma. Seems to like me since I know, or understand what he talks about (who else around here has ever heard the word "Tesla"). Am guessing that he may well have qualified for Mensa PRIOR to the stroke. He is very direct, language liberally sprinkled with 'eff' and 'effin' - and takes no bullshit. Getting close to making me think on a chess board.

Apart from many untold anecdotes about my personal interactions with people who are difficult to understand - there is also a book written by William Horwood (not me) - SKALLAGRIG.

 Might just leave it at this .. food for further thought.


Vincent said...

Very good point but the self-righteousness of the politically correct is beyond reason. From their pinnacle of virtue anyone who disagrees with their verdict is the enemy.

Davo said...

Go away, Vincent; am still working on this one; WYSIWYG isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Davo said...

Oh, Yes Vincent, agree. (one of these days will sit still, concentrate; and write a coherent essay .. or not .. heh).