Monday, January 31, 2011


Yer, had thought of making the heading to this post "not quite elephant's eye" .. but decided that might be a bit corny.
Two policemen are called to the scene of a crime at the Gateway local convenience store in Fareham, England. One asks the manager, Roger Cook, what happened.
Roger replies stolidly, 'There's a man over there covered in Corn Flakes and, I'm afraid that he's dead.'
'That's odd,' frowned the first police detective, 'didn't we have one covered in Bran Flakes yesterday and another covered in Weetabix last week?'
'You're right,' agreed the second detective, 'This is obviously the work of a cereal killer.'

Anyway, moving right along .. Just an update for those wondering what's happened to these ..

They're doing quite well, seem to have reached puberty; and are happily conjugating.

and yep, have now added a pic to this one)


Anne Johnson said...

Those look terrific, Davo. And I know my corn. What variety? Do you have "Sweetie 82" in Australia? I'm also fond of "Twice as Nice." An early bloomer.

Davo said...

errm, on the packet label it says D.T Brown, zea mays 'Terrific F1'.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Lemme know if the CDs work because the birds here laugh at 'em.

Davo said...

Hi Guyana Gal, nice to hear from you again .. um, the CD's .. yup, the CD's work, the birds here are very clever; they choose one each, sit with the tip of their beaks on the "play" track while the rest of the flock sit around close by and chortle in chorus.

I personally rather like to watch the suspended CD's as, at certain times of the day, they spin in the breeze; reflecting rainbow colours, while the local birds feed.

Nah, seriously, windspun CD's haven't prevented the yellow-tail black cockatoos, king parrots, satin bower birds and blue-cheeked rosellas removing all the apples from the tree in the backyard. mainly because it is too large to put a 'net' over it (and yep - there are 12 CD's in the tree), and am not a "commercial" grower.

Am keeping close watch on the sweetcorn, tomato (Roma), and rockmelon plants though. they are "fenced", but only beginning to fruit. The netting is nearby.

One of the things that interests me at the moment is that they 'are' "organic". No-one (else) has lived in this cottage for some 5 years and the nearest neighbours are at least 200yards away, and don't do 'veggie' gardens.

Have only found "one" destructive grub on the plants so far (which was removed by hand), so no need (as yet) for "chemical" insect or 'pest' control
(isolation and strict quarantine are mostly effective .. heh)