Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia day whenever

[updated with pic of design - but am still working on the details ..]

[post under construction!!!!! originally written in 'wordpad' transferred to blogger - am still trying to sort out which platform does what!]

OK, will try to go through all this yet again. The discussion has been long-running. One of the major problems is - how to incorporate a multi-cultural society into strongly  identifying with a "common" symbol. Have written on this previously, and yes, the Australian aborigines have achieved their own "unifying" symbol.
Stunningly beautiful.
However, doesn't symbolise the rest of us.

 I could mention at this point -  that one of the problems the early colonial administration HAD was that there WAS NO "unification" among the aboriginals - or rather - they had no "European" style pyramidal structure that the Europeans could identify with. No 'overarching' "Emperors",  "Kings", "Lords", "Barons" to "prove" their "armies" were superiour;  no 'peasants' suffering aforementioned Lords or emperors tromping across territory. Were forced to deal and negotiate with each, and every, individual local tribe as they came across them.
[am, of course, of European heritage and mythology - there is no "King Arthur" among the aborigines as yet)

While there WAS "communication" across the length and breadth of this island, and the tribes; before Captain Cook - there was no "common" language. Haven't looked it up recently, but seem to remember a number in the region of 300+ 'language' groups in Australia, prior to European occupation. And yes, while am at it - there was no "invasion" as I understand the word - seems to infer some sort of large "armed conflict" - the taking of land by force. Yes, a very fine point of semantics.  Reading the history of the trials, troubles, tribulations and conflicts of Arthur Phillip will cast some light on why I write this. He really DID try to be "nice" to the locals, negotiate with them.. (I might also  suggest that the aboriginals may well have had a worse problem if the Dutch or French administrations of that period in history had taken any interest in "colonising" this island continent). Perhaps some of the more "English literate" among the tribes will try to comprehend.

However, Europeans have been in this country, this land since 1788 (or therebouts).  While yes, I recognise that the attitudes of the early European settlers leave much to be desired; there is now a groundswell of "inclusion".  What the aboriginal tribal leaders choose to do about that is, well, up to them.

Which  (skipping several paragraphs) brings me to the notion of an Australian "National" flag.
I did, some time ago, have go at designing one.  Not an easy task (have lost several computers and 'hard drive' storage) and am not 'cluey' about CAD (computer assisted design) .. So.
Somehow the land, the ground that has been here since before recorded history; on which one stands, defends (drought or floods regardless) - from which we draw sustenance and sustainability; surpassing politics and personal ambition -  has to be recognised as the foundation. Since 1901, the 'nation' of Australia (and would ask readers to look up the definition of "nation") has been revolving, evolving around the notion of "identity".

So, imposed on "the land" is the seven point star (Seven point stars are not easy to find in this "standardised" computerised CAD planet).  The number 'seven', apart from resonating into European mythology - is also the number of independent States; at federation - and one of the reasons there is a reluctance to grant the "Northern territory" and "ACT" (Australian Capital territory) - statehood.  One would then  have to incorporate a "nine" point star into the central, survivable point of the flag.

So, given restrictions of colour (3-6)- though i do see that the new South African estandart has six colours -  format (Both sides have to match), practicality (flags tend to fray over time - have to be recognisable when frayed by half; and 'upside-down' - international distress signal).
[an aside; Um, given that thought, perhaps the brit bit at the top left may still be valid. The yanks are off saving themselves]
So, flag design is not easy.

(bear with me, i have begun - yet again - to design an Australian  National flag ..spent about 8 hours this morning - but seems to have been saved somewhere beyond my expertise in understanding Windows 7 .. grmble grumble .. will FIND IT!!!!, dammit)

Oh, now writing into the blogger 'compose.'

Permit me to try and describe.  the seven point star of Australian federation resides  at the  top left (sinister) corner near the head of the flagpole - the "jack". It  sits on an ochre gound. To the dexter (right hand) side are four bars. Black(recognising the custodianshp of the original in habitants), white (us twits), green (it can be, on occasion), gold (asperations). (and yes, have looked at the 'majority' poll on Ausflag who seem to 'identify' with "red, white, blue".

However, would like to 'bend' those four bars into a triangle shape (and yes, a subliminal "boomerang") pointing to the 'predominant' (but sacrificial) half of the flag.

The "southern cross" predominant in a deep blue sky.
(have been in a small boat in the open ocean when all 'electonics' failed. That set of stars led me home).

And yes, am aware that some of my 'pagan' friends may well do a '?'; but crux and acrux has been around, known to big ocean navigators,  long before the Roman priesthood concocted a scary myth out of nailing dissenters to trees.


Three Score and Ten or more said...

We do need a picture of course.

Davo said...

Ah, the 'picture' is ..wot? Worth a thousand words?

Davo said...

70+, how does one design, in an everbriefly changing world; a concept that will stand for at least a thousand years?

Davo said...

Yes, have stood on the deck of a small boat in the ocean of a night, winds calm, seas slight - and marvelled at a world full of stars. No"image" can re- create that; it just 'was'.

Davo said...

(and just to remind readers; was also in control of the same small boat when Bass Straight tried one of it's worst).

John Myste said...


I believe your understanding of my post, whose contents you skimmed over, was incomplete.

My post was a complete defense of the homeless and the last paragraph was an attempt to look into the psyche of those who hate them for their condition.

Either you are hostile to the homeless for their condition, in which case you and I have nothing in common, or you are sympathetic and understanding, in which case we are like-minded.

Skimming articles can be dangerous.

I hope as you read some of the lines of this comment, you land on the ones that communicate.


Davo said...

JM; Into every life an uncomfortable comment may fall .. and even i have the occasional irrational, cranky, grumpy day (but those closest to me may well dispute the "occasional" bit).. heh.

John Myste said...

On that note, I shall assume our fence is mended, and so we are less separate: an odd assumption, but it is what people say.

Davo said...

JM: Too many trees are trashed, for words wasted. For what?

Define "homeless".

John Myste said...

Homeless in America: having no place rented or owned where one may sleep.

Such people sleep in shelters when they are not full and move from public street to public street and sleep on the ground in different spots every night if the shelters are full.

Davo said...

Yes John, I understood what you meant first time round. There are a considerable number of people in Australia that qualify for your definition. I was being somewhat cynical, since there is a 'political' discussion here re the "illegal' immigrants. Won't be long before i myself will end up - or choose - to be "homeless" according to your definition, but am in the land that i was born in. Long story, I guess.

John Myste said...

Sounds like a story that would make an interesting post.

Vincent said...

I'm glad to see you two boys have made friends at last.

Back to the flag. As a part Aboriginal myself (spawned from the congress of a Catholic missionary and a guragalungalyung - look it up) I can see both sides of the cultural divide. (You may think I'm a fantasist too.)

Congratulations on including the wumarang (boomerang to you) and some of my people's traditional colours made from clays and plant juices. Please come to our forthcoming corroboree to receive your accolade.

Davo said...

Vincent, it will take a long time for "John Myste" and self to be 'friends' - especially if he, perhaps subconsciously - mentions "fences".

there is no fence to mend; fences belong in the imagination of those who construct them.

Davo said...

.. and yes Vincent, have, on occasion mentioned "if ya wanna fight with me; strip orf and stand in my backyard ..".

Have, actually, been spending some effort on that concept, locally - in real life. One of the reasons why haven't spent much time thinking about 'philosophical' issues elsewhere.

Davo said...

... an attempt to look into the psyche of those who hate them for their condition.

So, Mystie John, have you discovered something?

At this point methinks you have to look rather deeply into the origins of "politic" in "USA" .. which, oddly, quite a large number of people "outside" of the USA have been looking at for more years than you have been (probably), alive.

John Myste said...

This is a very good question, Davo. I learned more than I ever expected. So much, in fact, that it is worthy of another post. I must admit, red-faced and all, that I mis-spoke when I said that, as I "learning" was secondary and "teaching" was primary in the writing of the original post.

However, both were, and are virtually always, goals. All of my posts are generally philosophical in nature.

Without your back-handed contribution, I would have learned far less. I am debating internally whether to respond to your question as a post, or as a private writing. Most of my writings never get posted any where. Your overall response to that article was surprising and inspirational, though not in the ways you may think. It put me back in college, sir.

Davo said...

Yes indeed, John M. Is all this worthy of another post. Self is dredging through the sludge of a slack-tide brain to come up with one, so there is no need to become "red-faced" (as distinct from "red-necked" -and that is in no way meant to suggest that you 'are', just my peculiar way of looking at wordgroups .. heh).

Language and communication is a curious beast - especially when written. Have to admit that most of the people that have physically interacted with around here are not exactly what I would call "literary", so may well have lapsed into local vernacular and attitudes.

Also, you may have noticed that this blog doesn't 'encourage' extensive discussion in the comments. Two reasons for that; while yes, have 'access' to 24/7 internet - i do have to pay for the time that i use, and a small budget precludes me from taking full advantage of the facility.

Also, am a long way away from a "real" library, with "real" books, so any research to substantiate anything that i write is somewhat problematical.

However, i will have a think about the "philosophical" - and practical - problems of communication between language groups, write and post something (hopefully shortish) and perhaps we can 'discuss' it there.

Vest said...

Delving into history?

Davoh said...

O, was that you from 'feedjit'.
Yep, long jump from 2011 to 2014.

Davoh said...

O, was that you from 'feedjit'.
Yep, long jump from 2011 to 2014.