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Hubris. Mm, interesting word. Have never thought much about that before. My dictionary is limited and only says "Gr: hybris - excessive pride, wanton violence." Depends on local definitions, I guess.
It does, though, seem to be interestingly apt. So (not in any particular order)The Greeks, Macedonians, Babylonians, Egytians, Ottomans, Romans, Spanish, English and Portugese, Germans also, had a crack at inflicting their version of "the right way to be" on the rest of the world as they knew it.
So now we see the "americans".
Perhaps my daddy was wrong when he told me "lead by example, laddy, not by the butt of a gun."
Well, he would have, if he had not died defending Australia against "imperialism" in 1945.
"imperialism" manifests itself in many ways - perhaps by the fact that I find it difficult to turn on my TV without having the grating, arrogant, abrasive, assertive, abusive , american accent and attitudes thrust down my throat. Perhaps it is difficult to actually purchase a product, without - after research - finding that the bulk of the profit(?) ends up in american hands. Perhaps it is because - if I go to the cinema - cannot find very much "comfortable" to my own culture and upbringinging. I, and most of the people that I know, have no basic desire to "rape, pillage, plunder, morph myself into a superhero, or to blow up buildings/cars/lives with spectacular "special effects". I pick up a "news" paper, and find it difficult to discover careful and thoughtful analysis, media is full of "shock/ horror/isn’t it dreadful sort of journalism . ( and yes, Rupert Murdoch began his "career" in little old Adelaide, South Australia. mm perhaps america is the only place that will put up with him.)
FREEDOM. To me, is the ability to walk 500 kilometers/miles in the open air, to say whatever I choose without the niggling suspicion that I will have any effect on governments, not get shot, and to cross local borders without having to "prove" who I am (In a "normal" society what need have I for anything but the name I was born with? am 60, been there, done that). Seems very peculiar to me that a person who wishes to inflict "freedom" on the rest of the world has to hide behind 12 thousand or so Black clad and visored palace guard, and 15 thousand or so heavily armed military Not to mention Attack helicopters, missile launchers, overflights of Stealth bombers, and parades of the "national" flag. Good Lord, what IS the man afraid of?
(shades of Nuremberg and Red Square?)
The budget for the "Inaugural " party alone could probably restore the water supply in Iraq.
DEMOCRACY. Perhaps I live on a different planet. Where I live, each, and every citizen (yer well, those eligible) is required to vote - and 97% of us do. Gives a different perspective on "democracy", when I look at a country where 30.. 50..or on a good day, 60% of the population can be bribed/ coerced/ deterred/ manipulated/ .. and actually vote. ( hey, perhaps Saddam and GWB are not so different after all. On second thoughts -at least Saddam did it all on his own, and - it seems to me - not a "good time charlie" manipulated by low profile puppet masters))