Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Noah's Ark ?????

O, O O - Russel; What were you thinking? Have you sunk so low that you just take the money and run?

Where are the kangaroos? Red and eastern greys? Where are the potoroos, the koalas; dingos, the Tasmanian devils - thylacines? Wombats, bilbies? Gang gang and black cockatoos; galahs, platypus, and gliding possums?

Even your own home island species - kiwis, keas ....

Russel, how could you do this - and pretend it was real.

Monday, April 21, 2014


MMMMm ok, George Brandis ....

The "science" that planet earth actually revolved around qua minor "sun" in the greater cosmos was ... hopefully "generally accepted" by most of the "informed" population - Planet Wide (scientists? and not the illiterate? peasants?).

Oddly, George Brandis - there really ARE university educated humans living in this Country!
\The overwhelming experience, and 'records' -science, if that is necessary doesn't have to "prove" whether the Judean; the Muslin "god' exists.  All i know is that the weather has some uncomfortable changes - for Australia - in my lifetime.

The last time that "SCIENCE' had a small problem WAS back in the "middle ages' -Feudal -circa 1100 CE.

Remember Copernicus? Tycho Brahe? Back a bit -Archimedes?

Oh George; Tony - do really want me to 'don armour', find a percheron, and ride against you?\
Could you, Tony Abbot, George Brandis - ride against me in a truly "medieval" situation?
um, this image pinched from the internet. Just to prove a pount.

this one is recent and 'real'.

Friday, March 28, 2014

erk, real life person

ERK!   a real life person arrived on my doorstep today, on crutches!!..

Wanted to play 'chess' .. even brought his own 'real life' board and pieces.

"We're not allowed to discuss politicians or philosophy" he sez,
"OK", say i, no problem.

He won that first game ..... mainly because it has been 30 or so years wandering this rather extra-ordinary Island Continent  - engagaging and conversing with the populace ...

.. and it was somewhat astonishing to recently find a local who actually understands the history and concepts of the - one on one - human; board game "Chess".

Monday, March 24, 2014

retrospect 2

Some things change ... some things stay the same ... heh.


ok, since the 'twittering' generation may not, actually, have the patience to actually, like (joke) actually 'read' stuff - or, actually 'read' stuff 'like'

Will, actually, like, reprint it in full Like it or not.
To the Parliament of Australia.

WHY create more dissidents than there are already?

For the past 60 or so years, have been a quiet, law abiding citizen with a deep love and respect for Australia and its people.

Am a peaceable sort of bloke, so I swallowed my annoyance and accepted the GST, swallowed my amazement and anger over the decision to support a CORRUPT and dangerous AMERICAN ADMINISTRATION and send troops to Iraq (we all KNOW it was based on DECEPTION - not lies - DECEPTION - and based on GREED for Oil. Forget all this garbage about spreading 'freedom' and 'democracy'), but this notion of an ID card for Australians is TOO MUCH.

WHY should I have to add another shackle against my rapidly disappearing freedoms and privacy? WHY should I have to PAY for the STUFF-UPS and BUNGLES of a dysfunctional Dept. of Immigration? That is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY Mr. Howard - not mine. (You weren't told? Then WHO - apart from Washington - IS running this country? At the moment you appear to be the S.W. Pacific Branch Manager for Consolidated Multinationals Corporation.)

Many people have a driver's licence. Does it prevent people from speeding or crashing - NO.
Many people have a TAX FILE NUMBER. Does it prevent fraud - NO.
Many people have passports. Does that prevent forgery - NO.
Would an ID card prevent a determined individual creating mayhem - NO.
If they are spread to the four winds - Would it CATCH them afterward - NO.

Perhaps I am getting a little old and somewhat daft, and miss the logic. IF I am found wandering in the street, vague and incoherent WITHOUT ANY IDENTIFICATION whatsoever, I fail to see how 19 million OTHER ID cards will help - especially since there appears to be a culture of "cover up" within YOUR departments. But AH, FINGERPRINTS, I hear you say. SINCE WHEN did I become a Criminal suspect?? Do I have to trot along to the local copshop and record them? When? Once a year - month - week?? Am I soon to expect the Uzi toting Black Balaclava men in Flak Jackets banging on MY door to conduct "random" searches under the bed for semtex?? Bah, Humbug.

Biometrics?? Forget ID cards .. why not TATTOO OUR EARS and IMPLANT MICROCHIPS - it works with CATS. Identifies dead people, or parts thereof. Then you can convert the Supermarket Scanners, Airport walk throughs to read them. Add GPS. Track our every movement.

BUT, um, perhaps that also has loopholes. Creates a new trade in Body Parts and Microchip exchange.

Why not skip all that. SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY! (thought that'd get yer attention)

Why not PUT ME IN Baxter NOW! .. on off chance that somehow, perhaps, maybe, sometime in the distant future I may, vaguely, have the SLIGHT potential to become a dissident, a criminal or - god forbid! - a TERRORIST!!

WHY DO YOU NOT TRUST ME, Mr Howard?????????????

Are you infected with the same PARANOIA infecting the current American administration.???

I always thought that AUSTRALIA, and AUSTRALIANS were BETTER and more sensible than that.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014


yer, i know, perhaps a lazy post ..


.. and yep, thought it interesting at the time - still do.

Ah well .... how can a "thirtysomething" comprehend ideas that were "thirtysomething" before they were born
(rhetorical question - i.e. - don't bother to answer).

um, i do, actually - remain alive

..  just that it's sort of difficult these days to get through the 'gurgle' "ye olde Blogger" 'sign ins' - especially since this blog uses a "unique" username - an email address that belongs to 2005, and no longer exists. Sheesh, how "unique" can a 'username' be????

Anyway, have negotiated the "lockouts" on this one - am wondering why i should bother - but hey, has been around since ... 2005? Gah; an internet eternity ago, apparently ..(and no, microsoft -  I DO NOT NEED YOU TO PREDICT WHAT I INTEND TO TYPE!!!!!).

so, yep, a couple of pics (images inspired) but collected on a camera carried by me.

yer, i know, gave my camera to someone else - just to prove that it was, actually ME there at the MARCH in MARCH protest in Katoomba, NSW  - heh (wearing my 'non power' tie).

Protest? um, long story. Do not have enough words (or passion) to write what i think about the policies of the current Australian Federal parliament.

There were many intelligent, witty, perhaps pertinent; 'protest' images ....

\... but will leave you with this one ....

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Who breathes?

What does 'oxygen' mean to the reader? (yep, it's Called, in 'scientific' terms 'O'.
What is 'carbon'? In scientific terms it is "C'. An atom.
What happens when the 'C' atom connects to the 'O' atom?
CO. Carbon monoxide. Deadly.

There may be some among us who think that 'good'. Hey, a "connection".
Think again, children.

Carbon is what mining companies use for profit. Coal.
Dead trees, millions of years old.

OK, settle,  relax, breathe deeply. Clear your mind of all thought.
Concentrate on your diaphragm. can you feel it?
How do you breathe?

It's part of your body.
Find it within yourself.

Balance competitors. Your body needs oxygen and CO2.
Oxygen is an individual atom, seeking others.
Carbon atoms, released, also seeks others.

 We breathe CO2 as an ancient trigger for our lungs to 'breathe in'.
Breathe in Oxygen. Neither can exist without the other.

Can you imagine a planet where Carbon atoms overwhelmed the Oxygen atoms -
A planet where the only breathable air was - CO2.

who breathes/

Sunday, March 02, 2014

How much power does one person need?

Test post.
 O, Ooops. Appar4ently the windows app and guegle internet may, or not, allow this peice of fascinating attenppt - to get passse through sensible-ship.
  O, absaluteleee -delete this shit