Thursday, June 25, 2015

viral ... ?

Um, am almost sure what 'microbes' are - bacteria and viruses in "real" life - however -

Apparentlty "Going viral" means something quite different in 'computerland'.

Having said that - this - is something that any sensible person should see -
Aussie humour.

(Thanks, to Diogenes -still alive, apparently ).

'this device can perform faster' ...?

No, self does not need it to "perform faster" - simply 'perform'. Produce a 'result'.
Hopefully a "quality" result - however long it takes  ... Meh.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

whoo hoo (updated)

Today i passed the "learner motorcycle road rules" test in New South Wales - Australia.
(should i tell them that have held a Motor vehicle licence in four States of Australia -for more than 40 years)?

sheesh, only cost me AU$130.00 or so.
Next step is finding the money to actually 'buy' a motorcycle.
Already have two "motor vehicles" to maintain - on a very smallish 'budget'.

One of them has to go.

Self will always 'hang on' to the 1981 "Jackaroo" 4WD - whatever it costs to maintain.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

link to the second NSW learners motorcycles rider test


seriously - am i too old to  "understand" and "obey" the rules ...or 'understand' how a motorbike works, a 'two wheel drive' motor vehicle under my control - within the natural landscape, and "keep all safe"

Perhaps not..
Have too many photographic evidence of 'pollution produced by mining' around this locality.

Does anyone, honestly, believe that a mere 'pensioner' can "speak out" against what it seems to me heading into fascism.

Can't speak. can't write. Am Afeared of my gumminit.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

pre-learner motorcycle rider "instruction"

Yep, been there , done that. Apparently didn't fall off - or damage the "Training course" "contractors" motorcycles. Have yet to acquire a "Learners" permission from the NSW "ride" a motorcycle    Next step; A fee to answer 46 computer generated questions from a database of 600. eek.

Friday, May 29, 2015

o, hi, remain alive

Um, have booked self into a "motorcycle rider's course". Yer, i know, have seen the TV show "retrain your brain". Once upon a time ... i remember my trusty Suzuki 185 trail bike. (oddly, now that am writing this - am beginning to remember my 100cc Suzuki "commuter" bike.

Sort of interesting, really ...
 Am guessing that a 50 year history, and knowledge, of negotiating roads and road conditions across the length and breath of this Australian Island/continent - have never put a dent in any other motor vehicle for the past 40 years, may or not, count. However, has been a long time since have sat astride a "motorbike".

Back a while .. 60 hours in "gliders" - up in the air aerial thingos.
Horses, yes, motorbikes, no.

Um, have looked at the 'book', words of "rules and regulations".

Can i pass this relatively simple "learners test"?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Is it all worth it ...

I wonder. What have i done, what have i achieved? What remains to be done.

It is, perhaps, easier for those with Family. Children. I have none - well one, a son ...

Fruit of my loins. Has a genetic history stretching back to Lincolnshire circa 1580. With many twists and turns though several countries - even has a sort of famous (G,G,G, uncle). How many boys can claim that? And yet, and yet .... he refuses to acknowlege me. A "father" i never was, but AM his sire.

Did i do something "wrong"? Self thinks not - but the fact remains - he never experienced what is now touted as a "real" family. A mum, dad, 2.5 children, brick veneer home with white picket fence. Perhaps a dog, cat , half a dozen hamsters ... mice under the floorboards. Harvey Normal furniture and a 42 inch plasma TV screen.

What he was born into, was a Mum, Dad - both a bit 'theatrical' (hey, it was past the 'swinging 60's and into the 'revolutionary' 70's). Um, his Mum's father was a rather strict, Calvinist, school Headmaster .... which made things sort of difficult. Oddly enough, i really liked my 'Mother-in-law', A blackhead Celt from way back. Have no idea how a  'strict Pom' and a 'rebellious Celt' stayed together for so long. 5 children.

So, my wife (the eldest) was born in Singapore, i liked her, she married me. One son.

Yes, i know, complicated. My own immediate family?
Mother was third child of a country blacksmith. Father was .... not really sure; never knew him.
Know his "history" - but he died in 1945; six months after i was born. O yes, mother and father married long before that .... but have often wondered why.

My father's family were, actually, quite "well off" in Adelaide .. Tooraky sort of people - educated, with servants and stuff..

So, cutting a longish story short - has left me with a sort of wonder as to who i should be; how i should behave - or simply be "independent" and 'make it up' as i go along.

Now, at my age, it's sort of scary.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

pondering the previous

 Odd, really .... such a short time ago ...