Friday, May 29, 2015

o, hi, remain alive

Um, have booked self into a "motorcycle rider's course". Yer, i know, have seen the TV show "retrain your brain". Once upon a time ... i remember my trusty Suzuki 185 trail bike. (oddly, now that am writing this - am beginning to remember my 100cc Suzuki "commuter" bike.

Sort of interesting, really ...
 Am guessing that a 50 year history, and knowledge, of negotiating roads and road conditions across the length and breath of this Australian Island/continent - have never put a dent in any other motor vehicle for the past 40 years, may or not, count. However, has been a long time since have sat astride a "motorbike".

Back a while .. 60 hours in "gliders" - up in the air aerial thingos.
Horses, yes, motorbikes, no.

Um, have looked at the 'book', words of "rules and regulations".

Can i pass this relatively simple "learners test"?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Is it all worth it ...

I wonder. What have i done, what have i achieved? What remains to be done.

It is, perhaps, easier for those with Family. Children. I have none - well one, a son ...

Fruit of my loins. Has a genetic history stretching back to Lincolnshire circa 1580. With many twists and turns though several countries - even has a sort of famous (G,G,G, uncle). How many boys can claim that? And yet, and yet .... he refuses to acknowlege me. A "father" i never was, but AM his sire.

Did i do something "wrong"? Self thinks not - but the fact remains - he never experienced what is now touted as a "real" family. A mum, dad, 2.5 children, brick veneer home with white picket fence. Perhaps a dog, cat , half a dozen hamsters ... mice under the floorboards. Harvey Normal furniture and a 42 inch plasma TV screen.

What he was born into, was a Mum, Dad - both a bit 'theatrical' (hey, it was past the 'swinging 60's and into the 'revolutionary' 70's). Um, his Mum's father was a rather strict, Calvinist, school Headmaster .... which made things sort of difficult. Oddly enough, i really liked my 'Mother-in-law', A blackhead Celt from way back. Have no idea how a  'strict Pom' and a 'rebellious Celt' stayed together for so long. 5 children.

So, my wife (the eldest) was born in Singapore, i liked her, she married me. One son.

Yes, i know, complicated. My own immediate family?
Mother was third child of a country blacksmith. Father was .... not really sure; never knew him.
Know his "history" - but he died in 1945; six months after i was born. O yes, mother and father married long before that .... but have often wondered why.

My father's family were, actually, quite "well off" in Adelaide .. Tooraky sort of people - educated, with servants and stuff..

So, cutting a longish story short - has left me with a sort of wonder as to who i should be; how i should behave - or simply be "independent" and 'make it up' as i go along.

Now, at my age, it's sort of scary.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

pondering the previous

 Odd, really .... such a short time ago ...

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Gallipoli - 100 years on

What can i say?  Everything, historically, has been said, mulled over - the truth, facts; and myths - exploited and told ... for a hundred years.
What persists. ANZAC?

The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (that's pronounced 'core'; not 'corpse'). Language is a peculiar beast.

While yes, the fledgling Federated Commonwealth of the disparate States in Australia made some agreement in 1901 ... in 1915 everyone in Australia and New Zealand still believed that they were part of some sort of "benevolent, all powerful, 'British' Empire".

That notion began to change at Gallipoli.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

where do the elders go ... ?

Anthony John Abbott is on a 'roll' - Prime Minister of Australia - and enjoying it.
More than AU$500,000.00 per year, plus perks.

Carpetbagging Politicians, and their ideas come, and go. The peoples of Australia - persist.

Posts re-visited

Yep, i know, have been very slack on the "political agitation" of late but hey ... am expecting the 'youngies' to take up the baton. One of the problems that i have, here, in relative isolation, is access to very little information about what is happening in the rest of Australia - much less involvement with the rest of the planet (rest of the planet? perhaps that should read 'the un-rest' of the planet).

There are no "Muslim terrorists" in the immediate vicinity - nor likely to be. No 'murders' during the past 5 years since have been here (though yes, there have been 'altercations' with one or two neighbours; one of which almost resulted in me being choked to close to death, simply because i wanted to see what was happening to my caravan which had lent to a previous tenant of the property nearby. Seriously. A crushed larynx ... for a few days. Have, obviously, learned to keep spoken words, and my thoughts, to myself).

Most of my "comments" about the really quite ridiculous (open to ridicule) Federal nincompoops in charge at the moment - are on The Guardian AU  ... or collecting information from ABC TV and SBS documentaries.

So, self is reduced to just pottering about, trying to keep my opinions to myself; and simply surviving.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hello .. anyone remaining alive out there?

Am guessing, as the days, months, years pass by; there comes the slow realization that we are (i am) no longer young. While the mind remembers the days when our close friends never died, and therefore neither would we - these days, every time i turn on the radio or TV - someone, or a name, that i knew, from my youth ... 'passed away', departed this earthly life ... or simply; died.
(vale; Terry Pratchett. If genius means an early passing; then am guessing that i have many more boring years).

However, i have to inform the one or two readers of this blog that this 'writer' and 'originator' of the drivel depicted here is, actually, alive; well, and if not exactly fit enough to run the New York Marathon, apparently remains breathing.

For those who remember back that far - I did visit a rather beautiful "lost valley" near this location, some time ago, and sort of promised more images of it.

The 'lost valley' is actually a misnomer. While access by 4WD is extremely difficult and rare - access by "trail bike" is easier - but; do not own a trail bike. However, last Monday, 9th March 2015, arranged with a friend to deliver me and some camping gear halfway to the location. Would walk the rest of the way; camp for a few days; and be picked up on Wednesday 11th March.

That happened.

There is, of course, a detailed account - much more to explore, many photographs to process - as well as video from the three cameras that i 'hiked in'; so, be patient.

[orange - 4WD access. yellow - hiking track. blue - campsite and exploration area.]

How perfect can simplicity be?

what is this?

Have no reason to believe that i will Kark it, anytime soon.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

so, what's new

Um, pissed around with someone wondering what the concept of a truly inclusive National "Flag" should be ... who cares, who gives a shit about IF - and what WE want to be.

She'll be right , mate. No worries ...

Not good enough. I know , i know .. Australian Enterprise, unique ideas. Our scientific achievements
are becoming  " sold off"  - to the highest bidder .

Yep - everything has a "price".

Not every person with wealth can buy the future of this planet.
3rd rock from the sun.