Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Names ...

Oddly - there is another name that is turning up on Australian media -

Victor Trumper 
 Australian cricketer - totally and absolutely different person from the wankee yankee ..

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Quick trip interstate

Well, depends on the definition of "quick". Took five days.

My one or two regular readers might remember that I pushed off into a journey of unknown destination with my Jackaroo and dog, last January - leaving most of my household possessions behind, in storage with a friend in Sunny Corner NSW.

Since am on a very small pension, the cost of retrieving them has defeated me until recently. However, recent conversations with a 'second-hand' dealer in Minlaton (well, 'Spog'* is a 'collector' of all sorts of random 'junk') - discovered that he owned a 7'X12', dual axle, trailer with sidings. Cutting the re-writing of the conversation short - we agreed that he would lend me the trailer for the journey back to NSW and collect my possessions for .... um, a "carton o' beer" which i thought reasonable.

Pushed off (departed) Edithburgh at about 7am on Tuesday 11th October 2016. Long drive on first day.  Up onto the Barrier highway through Broken Hill. (and yep, some of my "overseas" readers may wonder why i chose that route; and not through Mildura; which looks 'shorter'. Believe me - that route is through many small towns, and much 'slower'). 
Tried to get roughly halfway by 7PM.

  This is at  the first, really nice "rest stops" provided by the NSW Highways.

Slept in the back of the Falcon wagon that night. (bittuva a battle about sleeping space with dog - but managed to convince her to sleep on front seat ... heh).
One of the interesting things about that night was an "oversize" "wide" semi-trailer load that pulled up on the opposite side of the road. A 60ft Luxury motor yacht.  

Self didn't quite realise that it took up almost both lanes of the highway as i watched it, and its 'pilot' vehicles depart at first light next morning. (yer, i know, no pics, sorry). 

A couple of quick cups of coffee next morning (do travel with the 'basics' .. heh) then back on the road at 7AM.

Caught up with the Luxury Motor Yacht, and convoy, about an hour later.
(at this point, might have to explain to 'overseas' readers that Australia (almost the same size as the Untied States of America) -  has a total population of about 23 million to pay for 'infrastructure'.. Distances are 'vast' in European concepts. A 'highway' of roughly 1000 kilometres through sparsely populated areas is not easy to 'maintain' to "European" standards of 'excellence'. A friend of mine from Austria was fascinated that we could drive for 1000 kilometers; see very few people - nobody - and remain in the same country.

Back to following the Motor Yacht  'convoy'. 
Didn't really bother me too much. Was the only 'follower'.. we all pottered along at between 90 and 95 Klm/hour.\

Until Trangie. 
Self's motor vehicle needed refueling. Noticed motor Yacht parked along street.
Refuelled, continued along town street at about 25kph looking for bank with 'auto-teller'.
(apparently forgot to re-attach seat belt) ...
Waved into kerbside by bloke in uniform and fancy painted motor vehicle. Ooops, think i.


 This post is under EDIT - Will add to it
* a 'spog' is an Australian vernacular (?) derivation referring to an English "sparrow" ..

Friday, September 23, 2016

a country road

I do, occasionally, get 'out and about'.

... and yep, there are always these surprises along the byeways  ..

may your wayfaring be always joyous.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

How many untold stories ..

imagery ..

At this point have no real idea what it actually means.

Once upon a time was an actor on stage. Real people, standing on a real stage in full view of a real audience.

...... oh, memories ... perhaps, one day will find a companion who will listen ....
memories of a horse .. named 'Mister'  .. but self always thought of him as "Mistre' .. a gelding - neither male nor female.

At this point am wondering why the "American" film industry think it important to destroy ever more motor vehicles, and ever more buildings in evermore (unreal CGI) ... "spectaculars".

 Wars are ugly, real people become dead, defaced, debilitated.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Wandering ...

Images for 'What the? …??

have no idea whether any of the following images would qualify – but here's the story.

Since the weather has warmed a bit, was wandering along the “Walk the Yorke” path near the end of Park St. North at Edithburgh last Wednesday (5th September).. Suddenly my faithful companion, Abbey, went off the path, pricked up one ear (she normally has floppy ears) and peered over the cliff top.

Um, think I, what's up. Peered over cliff and saw ..sound asleep, sunning itself

Do have a 30X zoom on camera, but clambered down to shoreline, snuck up on it.

Have no idea how often seals are seen sunning themselves in this location … but raised its head, peered at me, then went back to sleep. Perhaps 'What the?' Could apply to the seal's expression.

David j. H

Sunday, September 04, 2016

sticks and stones ..

may break my bones .. but words will never hurt me.

Histories curiousities

the cat in the hat

Yer, i know ... costumes.

Background; have a tendency to wander around op-shops, Found this hat. Merh.

Dunno whether had promised these pics ...

 everything is possible ... in real life ...

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Free speech ...

This blog, so far, is a forum where you can use whatever words you choose ...
This blog originator allows it.

You cannot insult me  .. but reserve the right to respond in kind.

No comments will be deleted ... what you write ... remains.

Argue against me, .. dammit this blog is becoming a boring record of random thoughts ..
whaddya want me to do? Become "controversial"? ... thinks ....

unsung heroes

Yep, am, or have become, a cantankerous elderish curmudgeon.

... but here are two of my "unsung" heroes in my recent lifetime.

Sam Jones 

and Chloe Esposito

(am sure that there will be MANY details published about  Chloe in the days to come.
She's only 24 years on this planet. Hope that she retains a strong and 'down to earth' family).

Not up to me to provide details .. freely available on the internet.