Monday, January 23, 2017

Taking the pis out of politicians

Wharf street revues 

"pis" is an all purpose three letter smidge ... "off piste"  ?

(am trying to find the ABC Australia Radio National broadcast of the 2015 'Wharf Street" revue.

Wonderful  irreverent humour that remains extant in Australia ...

ya hafta be there ...heh

(there is, somewhere, the late 2016 'revue') ... heh


O, just had to comment.

Have been watching the stoush between the Donald Drumf  (am expecting this link to vanish before too long)*1 fortress acolytes and the "media". Apparently the 'photo comparison' between the crowds at the inauguration is "wrong".

"I made a speech," says the Commander in Chief of a very dangerous Military/Industrial complex - self, as far away as Australia -watched him on TV; later, saying -"I made a speech", he then repeats, " ..the field (?) was full of people. There were millions there"...  '"the media is lying ...".

Not long later i see and hear a White house Press Secretary announce some " ...alternative facts ..".

(dunno about you lot, but have seen quite a few "photo comparisons" in recent years and - frankly, in this day and age of  computer aided "photoshop" (do it myself) ... and "fake news" - 'tis indeed difficult to decide what IS fact and what is not. At this point tend to believe that there were, in fact - fewer - people at Donald Drumpf's Inauguration; than there were at Barak Obama's .... but is has been obvious to any reader of this blog over the years of it's existence that am a sort of 'cynical', "socialist", "pagan".)
 ... but i tend to believe the photo comparison taken looking 'toward', not "from".

Am guessing that the view "from" the Inauguration podium "looks" like the patch between it and the monument was "full" of people. Am also cynical enough to look at the pic taken from behind - and wonder if there wasn't some 'organisation' behind the placement of the "crowds" ( to support an overweening Ego?).

I also enjoy the way this polyglot language "English" can be tipped, twisted, enjoyed - but also be used for nefarious intent. In Donny Drumpf's own written words ... " ... i use truthful hyperbole ...". *

Apparently his minions can now use "alternative facts". Somewhat like saying that "God created this planet - 6,000 years ago". (say it loud, repeat it long ... eventually the uneducated will believe it)

Carbon dating is, apparently - a "hoax". Every publication by thousands of dedicated scientists - over at least 3.000 years (apart from the Ron Hubbard acolytes who turned up in this small patch of this planet situated between Canada and Mexico some mere 200 or so years ago.) is also - apparently to some - a "hoax".

* yer, even i had to lookup this word. Doubt that the citizens of the most educationally deprived regions of America would have any knowledge - or even CARE what that means. The only word heard is 'truthful'.
* reference Gorge Orwell - rewrite history

O, how easy it seems to 'activate' the uneducated majority.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Seasons come
Seasons go
This is what's happening on my patch of this planet.

(um clarification - not "MY" patch on this planet - pics from the 'locality' where i live).

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Erk ... am no longer sure whether am comfortable living here (though yep, have signed up fer another twelve months).

To paraphrase one of Queensland tourism's favourite slogans - 'perfect one day, beautiful the next' ...
but in my experience 'pissarse one day and pissing down the next'.

 Yorke Peninsula - 40C (104F) one day - 15C(59F) the next. Sheesh, these wild and extreme changes in weather and temperature are nothing like I remember from South Australia 30 years ago.

(Temperature converter website)


Have been listening to an ABC (Australia) Radio National program today about what it is like to turn up in another country and not know the 'language'.  (turning up in different States, or towns and villages), within Aus - and not 'knowing' the jargon belongs to a different post. Suffice it to say that one is ALWAYS considered an "outsider" - unless, or until, ones great-grandfather, grandfather and progeny is actually buried in the local township's graveyard. But that might be my own peevish impression, since have always been a 'traveller' around this rather wide, diverse, brown and green land.

O, where was i? Ah. images.

there is always a longish story behind each 'image'. Snapshots in time.

 This is a pic labelled "the Williams brats" - all children - my mother is in there somewhere; probably the one on the left.

Um, was hoping to find a pic, electronically recorded -  of me as a child - do have them; the images of yesteryear - but apparently have yet to be 'digitally' enhanced and 'shared' with all and sundry - worldwide ... as seems to be the 'fashion' these days ... heh.

O, found this ...

Which is probably pertinently reminds me that fell off my Yamaha XT225 recently and ripped a tendon in my thumb. Nothing disastrous, smallish, repairable, damage to motorbike.

Why do i bother to mention this? Well, am 'dexter' ' - 'right-handed'. Trying to achieve some of the simplest tasks with a painful thumb (on either hand, presumably) - is an excercise in adaptability.

One learns and re-learns, over a period of mere days, to use either hand - and there is nothing sinister about the left hand.

yer ... on a different thought - self cannot comprehend this weird - political - 'separation' of 'left' and 'right'.

An eagle cannot effectively fly with only one wing.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Best Wishes to all

Deck the Halls with boughs of Blue Gum.
Lala la, la, Lah la la um.

And Always remember that there is unlimited space between the nest; and the barbed wire of repression- for the Blue Wren of happiness to escape

Cheers, Best Wishes to everyone.

While Saturnalia is a northern hemisphere Roman concept .. methinks the bit where 'masters' serve the 'slaves' seems to be a good notion ... even for a brief period. A bit like the slave who was employed to whisper in the ear of potential Emperors ... especially Roman generals returning from Victorious campaigns -  "remember, you are only human".

Monday, December 12, 2016

A bit warm, today

35 degrees Celcius - in the shade. 45 degrees Celsius in the sun light. Sheesh.

And here's me wondering whether the reindeers of Saint Nicholas ... or the Coca Cola version of Santa Claus - will have the stamina to visit Australia this year.

Ah, but we all live in HOPE ... heh.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

once upon a time ..

ROME: was the Greatest Empire within written history. (well, apart from Egypt - but that Empire sort of lost the plot a bit, because it could not write words in Latin; mainly because they had 3 or four thousand years of history before Rome was even a glimmer in Romulus or Remuses eye. ).

 Babylon ... nah , an Empire long before Saul of Tarsus had his 'falling off the donkey' moment - and decided that alliance with the Roman Imperial Army might be better option than becoming nailed to a tree.

 Mohmmet ... mmm,,. have no real notion from where He 'derived His ideas'; but will continue to remind readers the "written Word" of Mahomet (Yhw rest his soul) came 600 years after the notion of "Yeshua ben Yoseph).

(yep, this is a sort of jest, but based on written and scientific archeological History).

Might actually continue this post ... later ... since it was actually prompted by my memories of actual work experience with Griffin Press, South Australia. A Book printing factory some time back in the 1970's ?

Worked on the 'bookbinding' machines; paperback and 'hardback" for three or four years . Also had the opportunity to wander among all the other complex machinery and disciplines of "printing" a "book".

And yes, way back then, disquiet and wonder - how could it be possible to "Print", Bookbind, AND TRANSPORT a book back to Australia cheaper than WE could produce?

Which brings me, now, to what sort of Australia the young people will 'believe in'.
Every "movie' and Television station broadcast is from America - do we really need a society that 'smashes' every motor vehicle and building in it's way?

Do WE really need to teach our children that it's OK to play "computer games" where it's possible  to "get shot" several times, become dead , then click "reset; start again"???

Seriously where are the 'computer games' where if you "crash a car" you are damaged and a whole heap of 'support services" turn up

.... and you "lose" points as long as you "really" stay in any 'publicly funded hospital'.

Do they REALLY understand this REAL concept?

Which sort of reminds about  the Drumf version of this planet .
There is no help out there. Ya wanna climb Mountains - go fer it but do not blame me if ya fall off. DO NOT expect rescue. There IS no community support if you are not in the Donald Drumpf House of tinsel and gold plate.

Fascinating. However i still have faith that this planet, and the peoples on it have more native intelligence, and more resilience than anyone in the smallish patch of ground between Canada and Mexico ...meh

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Pondering the problem of duality

Mostly about "citizenship" , I see many calling themselves "Italian Australian"   - but more pertinently "African American". From my point of view, one cannot be both.

Where does one's basic loyalties lay?

If people come to Australia from overseas, take an Oath,  granted "citizenship" .... what do they then call themselves?

Oddly, those who have 'family history' stretching back almost before "Federation" of Australia have never been 'required' to "Swear an Oath" to be loyal to Australia and 'obey it's laws".

......also, am very annoyed about this confusion about the words "aboriginal" and "indigenous" ..
How many generations does it take to become 'indigenous'? The place where i was born. The place where my parents were born. The place where my Grandparents were born.

However, am not of the 'aboriginal' peoples. My 'cultural' history is quite different.

Has also travelled around this vast landscape as a sort of 'gypsy'. Am  aware of what it's like to live in poverty in a desert.