Sunday, August 21, 2016

Free speech ...

This blog, so far, is a forum where you can use whatever words you choose ...
This blog originator allows it.

You cannot insult me  .. but reserve the right to respond in kind.

No comments will be deleted ... what you write ... remains.

Argue against me, .. dammit this blog is becoming a boring record of random thoughts ..
whaddya want me to do? Become "controversial"? ... thinks ....

unsung heroes

Yep, am, or have become, a cantankerous elderish curmudgeon.

... but here are two of my "unsung" heroes in my recent lifetime.

Sam Jones 

and Chloe Esposito

(am sure that there will be MANY details published about  Chloe in the days to come.
She's only 24 years on this planet. Hope that she retains a strong and 'down to earth' family).

Not up to me to provide details .. freely available on the internet.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

more pics

Um, now this is interesting. All this pic says is that i saw some horses on a road. At this point am looking for pics that actually prove that self was on a horse at that time. Um ..
Searching though pics labelled 'pic 33032, 33033, 33034 ... meh.

One of these days will "label" these things.

(meh, mumble, grumble, need a 'secretary' of some sort, sort things out ... mumble, grumble - and don't give me the shits about secretaries should be female ... males are just as capable ... mmmmble)

i do have a whole heap of 'video' files .. but have yet to discover how to transfer them from "ancient" Hi8, 'Minitape' ... et al - to something that Microsoft and/or 'Apple" can recognise .... Bleah.

 Am tempted to publish my "postal" address .. simply to see if anyone "remembers" how to write 'longhand' on 'paper' .... erk ... am tempted to find a swan, from which a decent 'quill' pen originated. Mash some 'fibres' (fibers, if an american) to make "paper" ... though import of reeds from Egypt might be expensive (they need it, their 'balance of payments' theses days  is negative; who, in their sensible senses wants to 'tour' as a tourist these days through the "Middle East"? O, deary me, nobody with white skin is safe there.

? Yer, i know, "losing the the plot" with pallid skinned peoples.Arrogant arseholes.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Um, apparently becoming too elderly to "keep up' with all the swiftly technological changes on this internettical thingo.

Do have a tendency towards wry humour - so will post a recent pic ..
It's called .. aha, have achieved 'normal' ....

(and if you believe it ... have a small Harbour bridge to sell .. heh)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hello again

Not dead yet.

Forgot how to sign in to this blog .... aaaaah... ancient history.

And no, haven't transferred my communications into some other "easy" technology.

Mostly about wandering the neighborhood saying hello to strangers - IN REAL LIFE!


Have many photos. If it's important, will post them, if asked..Or Not
There are always 'shags on a rock' somewhere on this planet ... meh

Cheers, David.

Friday, April 29, 2016

O hello again

Yep, remain alive, pottering about. learning what life is like without friends, family or finance.

Not to worry, am not dead yet.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Chardonnay socialism ...

Now there's an interesting idea.

Am, at this point, assuming that the "caffe Latte", Chardonney Intellectuals can actually 'afford' to be so..

Think about it. Me, in local foodstore. See two 200mg coffee tins. One price $3.10 - the "Brand name" - 200mg - $8.-00.  Who is screwing who - here.