Sunday, July 26, 2015

Paranoia ... ?

ummmm - at this point have been attempting to send emails to my "friends'. The message on my screen tells me
"connection reset. Please try again "

Um .....

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Almost breaking news

Have booked my connection to the "fixed wireless" version of the NBN (National Broadband Network).

Will not happen until the end of this month. Will be interested to see whether "promises are fulfulled" -

And what it will mean for this blog.

Pecking order

Yer, i know - am not the best with trying to explain things with words.

So, short story, have, recently been 'snowed in' - real snow, stuff that falls from the sky. A recent "cold snap" - according to the radio forecasters.

What does that mean to where i live? Um; satellite TV dish is snowed in. "Internet" satellite dish is snowed in. There is no "mobile phone" access at the best of times.

Um. Thinks. Already have a reliable, but relatively ancient 4WD motor vehicle. Have at least one person in the locality with a modern 4WD who seems to pass by on a regular basis (and who calls in every Tuesday for a "cuppa" tea - and the sort of "unspoken" and "unofficial" understanding that if he turns up on my doorstep and finds a dead body he, and another friend - and the local 'community' may well "unofficially" choose the "Zorba the Greek" option. In other words, anything portable, useful; and untraceable "will find a good home" .... heh. What they will do with the dead body is under discussion.

However; am not dead yet.

O, meant to write about how myself and the birds ( avians) around here organise themselves under the options of limited food supply.
Yer, am a 'softie'. Went out and raked a patch in the snow. Spread "wildbird" seed.

The first to arrive were the Currawongs. Bigbodied; long, sharp beaks. Apparently omnivorous. Eat everything and threaten attack to anything smaller than them. (and yes, am bigger than them, and it sort of amuses me to "frighten" them). Next to arrive are the Magpies - same size as the Currawongs - also omnivorous - but have a different variation on the simple coloration of "black and white". Have also learned to vocalise a  "chortle".

Next come the "King Parrots" - seed eaters. Vermilion breasts. Next come the Bluecheeked, multi-hued rosellas.

Hiding in the background are the very shy females of the "Satin bowerbird". And yes, apparently only eat fruit and vegetables.

I did, and have - put "half an apple", several apples, quite a few 'tomatos', loaves of bread - out for them ..... but gee,
guess what - the Currawongs can steal and fly away with slices of bread, halves of apple and a whole tomato.

Friday, July 10, 2015

whoo hoo ..

Just in case readers may persist in the perception that am an "ancient old fogey".

Um, probably am ... have been searching hundreds of "recent" photo files and can't find the one of me that proves am me in a motorcycle helmet.

Ah - can i 'prove' anything with some words, and a 'photo' - of course not.

My "history" belongs the "staging" of something that belongs to the ancient concept -
the willing suspension of dis-belief. Think about it.

Aha - found it

Also have a recent pic of three old fogeys ...
um, well, one is behind the camera ... heh.
(and no, the white truck isn't mine. The scrubby old Jackaroo 'bushbasher' is off to the left, behind, as always).
And yep, there's a sort of hidden 'joke' in this pic. If we find a "difficult" track - the bloke in the blue cap always sends me first - because he doesn't want to get his nice new 4WD 'scratched' ... heh.

digital perceptions

One hand - five digits. Two hands - ten digits. Five toes - fifteen digits, ten toes - 20 digits.

This image belongs to me. It is me.
on the other hand ... time and attitudes pass,

Where was i , in those joyous 1970's days.

Where am i now?

My Attitudes more than likely - belong to those joyous 1970's days in South Australia.

And yep .. time and life - takes it's toll.

and yes, this is me if i look into the mirror. Who am i?
what am i looking at?
What am i thinking about?

Why do i look so WORRIED?

Where has the JOY  in my life gone?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

viral ... ? updates??

Um, am almost sure what 'microbes' are - bacteria and viruses in "real" life - however -

Apparentlty "Going viral" means something quite different in 'computerland'.

Having said that - this - is something that any sensible person should see -
Aussie humour.

(Thanks, to Diogenes -still alive, apparently ).
Um, update - the "" link from gerry's site

"has been removed" if you click on the link in this site you will be misled.

'this device can perform faster' ...?

No, self does not need it to "perform faster" - simply 'perform'. Produce a 'result'.
Hopefully a "quality" result - however long it takes  ... Meh.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

whoo hoo (updated)

Today i passed the "learner motorcycle road rules" test in New South Wales - Australia.
(should i tell them that have held a Motor vehicle licence in four States of Australia -for more than 40 years)?

sheesh, only cost me AU$130.00 or so.
Next step is finding the money to actually 'buy' a motorcycle.
Already have two "motor vehicles" to maintain - on a very smallish 'budget'.

One of them has to go.

Self will always 'hang on' to the 1981 "Jackaroo" 4WD - whatever it costs to maintain.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

link to the second NSW learners motorcycles rider test


seriously - am i too old to  "understand" and "obey" the rules ...or 'understand' how a motorbike works, a 'two wheel drive' motor vehicle under my control - within the natural landscape, and "keep all safe"

Perhaps not..
Have too many photographic evidence of 'pollution produced by mining' around this locality.

Does anyone, honestly, believe that a mere 'pensioner' can "speak out" against what it seems to me heading into fascism.

Can't speak. can't write. Am Afeared of my gumminit.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

pre-learner motorcycle rider "instruction"

Yep, been there , done that. Apparently didn't fall off - or damage the "Training course" "contractors" motorcycles. Have yet to acquire a "Learners" permission from the NSW "ride" a motorcycle    Next step; A fee to answer 46 computer generated questions from a database of 600. eek.