Sunday, February 07, 2016

the olde and the new

 Dodo the Clown - Theatre62 Adelaide; circa 1970

Dingbat - circa 2016

Dunno what happened then - lost about two paragraphs ..... GAH!!!!
O, seem to have the connection . Whatever happened to the intervening years?

Shoreline - Southern Yorke Peninsula

Old and new.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Departure .. and arrival

Ah. guess that i'd better write an update. This will only be a short summary. More detail, and photos, will be posted later (mainly because as i write the story of the Journey from sunny corner NSW to where i am now - more details occur to me next day).

Suffice it to say that departed NSW  at 2pm on Friday 11th December 2015 - and, after an interesting journey through the backblocks of New South Wales - arrived on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia on Tuesday 29th December 2015. Then came the fraught process of looking for a suitable house to rent.

 Am now typing this in a lovely little cottage in a very small seaside town on Yorke Peninsula. Not much furniture, as all my 'stuff' is still back in NSW - but have the basics; and the kitchen is workable. One of the joys is the bathroom. Cannot really explain the sheer pleasure of a long hot shower after 18 days "on the road", living in a tent or sleeping in the back of the Jackaroo. Through some of the hottest, dryest country.

More detail later.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

On the road again

Ah. s'pose had better post something (don't write real letters much, these days, either - perhaps have been living in relatively comfortable 'isolation' for far too long - five and a half years. My, how time flies).

However - 'Tis the season to be merry - So had better wish my one or two 'followers' 

May your Festive Season Be Merry
and your next years be fruitful.

 Um,  where was i ... Ah. When i first moved into this cottage it was, pretty much, a long distance "handshake" from the land owners.  First contact was by phone, then email. In essence; "move in when you like, stay as long as you like. Rent $100/week. If you're happy, we're happy. No 'Agents', no 'leases'.

However, time passes, situations change. Was informed a month or so ago that this cottage is now "on the market - For sale.  Do, frankly, think that the price is a bit ambitious - but best wishes to them - they have been remarkably generous to allow me to stay with no rent increase.

Ironically (or naively), had sort of expected  to be here for a few more years, and sold my caravan a couple of months previously.

However c'est la vie. Adventure beckons. Have almost cleared all my STUFF (surprising how much STUFF a stationary person collects over time) - most of the important bits are now in local storage (half my furniture came from the local 'dump' Waste Transfer Station, and has been returned) - and the Jackaroo 4X4 is almost "ready for the road". Am "homeless" and departing for parts unknown this Friday 11 December.

Have an idea as to where am headed next but, while will be taking the laptop and 'mobile' phone, 'technical' communication will be sporadic (so what's new - i hear you say).  

 Anyhoo, Cheers and Best Wishes to All. Am not dead yet, and will try to do Updates from wherever i am along the track.

Monday, November 09, 2015


Oh, it's not all dull and boring around here.

(some images might be several months apart)

Remembrace of Blogger past

Um, this is interesting. Apparently was "signed out" of this blog (hanging about since 2005 - well before Gurgle and its billion dollar algorithms acquired the rights ...).

However, remain alive - and - while legs are appendages that allow me to wander about, sit astride and in control of a motor cycle .. and remain capable of "kicking" - my mind and attitude, now, can't be bothered.


As of now have to cope with a neighbor who calls me a 'dickhead'.
So, what does that actually mean - coming from a 25 year old who everyone else  around here, as far as they tell me, think of him as "20 cents short of a dollar" (vernacular for a bit dim in the head).

Perhaps the the most galling  part of this from my point of view - is that he tells me that he has 'bought' a slim sliver of land - one sliver of Crown land away from where i live.

How he and his partner are going to manage to feed 5 horses, 2 sheep, and two dogs on it defeats even my experiencial logic. Especially since the 'plot of land' is apparently too small to even build a house on.

This, of course, has a 'back story'. So far they, and their stock, have eaten every "free" blade of grass around here; have been locked out of at least one Crown Land paddock ...

And this moron calls ME a dickhead ... ?

On the other hand - there is a whisper in the wind that my landlords have decided to sell this cottage that have lived in (and loved) for 5 and a half years ....

Sooo, once a Gypsy, always a Gypsy - i guess.

Will, of course, update my one or two readers - if and when -
Sumbuddy tells me sumfink.

Apart from that - you know as much as i do ..... heh.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

yep, remain alive

WOW. This week has been interesting, politically. We have a new "Prime Minister".
Malcolm Turnbull has replaced Anthony John Abbott as leader of the current majority members in the current Parliament.

What will it mean? Dunno yet. Wait and see - but there are 'polls' (surveys?) around that the general mood is "relief". Yep, me too - though can only hold cautious optimism.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

NBN connection - update

Um. Promises promises - deliverance - NIL.

Yep, bloke turned up on "booked", "promised" day, today.

"um", e sez - "too wet. yer'll hafta re book".
(and yes, rang the 'Service provider' - acquainted them with the problem - fortunately they speak and comprehend the language (annoyed, frustrated: verging on angry) "Aussie" - so ............ hafta wait a bit
... again   --- (settle - breathe deep... David, 'tis not the end of the world).