Thursday, August 21, 2014


At this point
DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ALDI that has a 'computer'disk.

At this point am discovering abberations.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Yer, i know, a four letter word. Have been thinking about four letter words.

And yep, especially since the demise of Robin Williams. Not least because the name 'Williams' belongs to my mother's family (no blood relation). Apparently my grandfather Williams (on Mother's side)
 "Never gave up - or 'in'".

Yep, they have all, now, "exited stage left". My mother didn't go 'quietly', but needs some information as to why i write that. She held onto her arrogant assumption that she could 'remain in control' for eternity, until age 89. Then, oops, more parts of her body began to fail, collapse. She went into hospital with multiple organ failure.

I was with her then, and myself and cousin had to make some decisions. There was a discussion with the surgeon. He told us that yes, they could repair her heart valve but ....

Decision time. Do we say yes, or no. First time that self had been specifically confronted with a decision that meant life - or death. The surgeon told us that she would not survive major heart surgery.  If i had said no surgery; let her go - she would have died that night.

My cousin was looking at me, and i was looking at him. We couldn't make that decision. So, the surgeon said, ok, wait for an hour or so. he went somewhere, consulted, came back and told us - ok, we can put in a 'stent', no guarantees. We agreed. That happened.

 Dunno, now, whether that was the best decision. My mother remained in a coma, in intensive care, for six weeks. There was always, in my mind "hope" that she would 'return', talk to me - but it was not the case.

And yep, to be honest, would turn up at her bedside every now and then, thump her shoulder; tell her "Oy, yer not allowed to go out on an odd number. Try to get to 90". But she never listened to me.

the hospital called me in, one Saturday morning. Told me that she was 'very close', but knew what that meant.
Was holding her hand when she expired for the last time.
 (inspiration- expiration, breathing).

The nurses told me that they called her 'the walker'. Even in a coma, she couldn't keep her legs still. Nobody knows where she was walking to.

And no, there were no "heavenly choirs" when she breathed her last. No "mysterious emanations" hovering around the ceiling. She was. simply. dead.

Dunno where i'll be when it happens. Hopefully won't leave too much of a mess.

Hopefully, each evening, when my days chores are done, i curl up into the warmth of the bedding, and a dog curls in beside me ... there will be a sunrise that kisses my eyelids a few hours later.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

wry beliefs


After several hundred years - Secret Services consider using ancient technology.
Considering purchase of  more mechanical typewriters for inter - office communication.
Have recently discovered -- Words written  on mechanical  typewriters cannot be seen on the cybernet!!!!

smidge update (with pics)

Um, there seems to be some sort of perception from at least one of my readers that am some sort of 'wobbly' alcoholic.

Dunno what this set of pics actually "prove" ... but have been carefully chosen ... heh.

On the other hand ...

... it could be argued that am not always incompetently inebriated, and sort of know what am doing - which in no way precludes the fact that i may well, on occasion, 'choose' to become completely inebriated.

Which prompts another thought. Is it better to become "competently" inebriated .... or to merely become 'incompentently' inebriated?  Must ponder that philosophical problem.

In the mean time ...

Has been a bit chilly up this way. Do have some snow pics from Friday 18th last month - also from the rather beautiful 10cm that dusted the locality last Friday night (1-2 Aug 2014) ... but is becoming so 'usual' and 'boring' that haven't bothered to traipse around the locality, camera in hand.

What IS important is not the snow, but the fact that while the overnight temperatures of between -1C and -5C. Tends to turn the backyard mud into ice - remain ALIVE  .... buuuut, not enough to freeze the local ponds; can't ski, can't skate. Damn, wish the weather and climate would "make up its mind"!

Anyhooo - some interest and fun can be found  pottering around the local bushland finding firewood.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

Aha, am sltheping slleping sleeping comfy in my bed ....

The boats hav stopt!!!! ...

All hail our guurd ole tony... Yep, hafa vote fer tony. Tony is uor Hero ..  .. fuck the grennies .. dunno were ther dollar cums frum.. wer can a greeny ertn $1000 weak.

Fuck them idjitsw over ther. Dunno nuffin.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

interesting image

Came from -

Dunno really, perhaps an image is worth more than a thousand words (and yer, am having a quiet evening pottering around the 'internet').

Saturday, July 19, 2014

who gives a shit ... ?

Yer, i know - every living species on this planet excretes.

However, have just heard that whales also give an important shit.
There are microscopic entities on this planet which apparently have yet to enter the political mind.

 The short story;-

They're called phytoplankton.
Phytoplankton absorb sunlight, iron and CO2.
Krill eat phytoplankton,
Whales eat krill, but excrete iron.
Phytoplankton absorb iron and CO2, excrete oxygen.

Therefore - fewer whales = more krill = fewer phytoplankton = more CO2.

(yer i know,  can't - at this point - reduce that equation into a "three word slogan" that might have any 'political' impact ... heh.)

Doubt that "Save the whales" would have any traction among the "sell the fossils" coterie.