Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh, oops .. it listens

Have changed mind about the "nothing new" header for the previous post. This morning, as for the past few days; was chilly, drizzly, and sort of miserable. Spent the morning poking around in the laptop and GOOD HEAVENS! discovered that this little beast has inbuilt "speech recognition" software. Don't ask me how i discovered it; serendipity, i guess. So, have done a copy 'n' paste of the third try at 'hands off the key board'  which will 'tell the story' so far ..

This is amazing!  Have just discovered Windows seven has " speech recognition" hidden away in its innards!
M just creating this purely without recourse to the psyche board (key board) and since the computer is still learning my " accent" will just copy and paste what it understands I have said.  There will be mistakes which I will not correct.  However it is remarkably accurate!
IM, however, using a headset with the microphone.  And sometimes we'll we'll WIL will use voice command to delete something horribly inappropriate.  Next paragraph
Those two words were a command and not to supposed to be part of the typescript.  And next line
I'd do seem to have to speak a very clearly and distinctly though.
Had it been knocking around parenthesis (knocking, knocking,looking!) Around to see if I could find A speech recognition software package but valley and A valley (they) are very expensive and here's one already included in thus the and…!—This OEM software.  Next line
That GAH!  Correction: valley correction TATY THEY!
They, I'll know he'd understand ellipsis…  NO, that sentence was meant to say this learning process is complicated.  Next line next line ... [NEW line is the command]
A bottle DOTIT!  G OT IT!  DAH!  No GAH by our know NO!  GAH!
Ho hum; we both will get the hang of this at some point.  Next line next
I can however just tell it to delete the word, and it will—but Mr. Leaving AM leaving some of the heroes ERRORS in.
This is amazing!  Save has
All of the words in a cat litter in CAP letters!  R me trying to trying TRAIN!  By computer had doesn't understand DHE P T HE THE! (had to type that last "THE" -and am typing this as well - translation; All of the words in CAPS are when i have to loudly 'spell' each letter in a word, but it still has trouble trying to comprehend my 'accent'. It also seems to understand 'shouting' .. heh].
Nevertheless, on the most of the common words such as this sentence, it is remarkably accurate.
Any small errors can be easily repaired later on the keyboard (and have not touched the keyboard for the previous two sentences).
Hello, good heavens, can also speak to this BLOG, also!

[Am typing this; it is possible, it seems, to control the whole operation of the computer solely using voice commands - open and save files; insert documents and photos; close windows - there is a six page "instruction sheet" that am having to learn].


Vincent said...

I am glad you are trying to train it to use the cat litter. Cats are hard to train. I think you are right not to correct the mistakes and leave the heroes in. So we'll go on wondering where the valley fits in to the scheme of things.

Davo said...

Hello Vincent, have had a wonderful afternoon playing with it. We have been writing some joyous, if eccentric, poetry together.

(this comment created without touching the keyboard).

Davo said...

Hi Vincent, yer, it really is astonishing (and yep, most my words should end up in the cat litter .. heh). On the other hand, perhaps i - or me 'n' the Missy, at least - can achieve some sort of creative 'joint effort'.

Vest said...

I will be into voice recognition as soon as time permits.I have the instructions from my son but little patience to deal with more technology.

Davo said...

Depends on yer sense of humour, Vestie.

Davo said...

(it's easier than trying to teach chinks pidgin).