Monday, January 10, 2011

Nothing new

One of the things that has been occupying what's left of my mind of late is that i seem incapable of coming up with something "new", witty, or "original" - or even halfway intelligent

Perhaps i've never been able to do that, though do spend quite a lot of internet time quietly chortling over posts by  people who still can.  Perhaps have just "retired" into myself and am becoming a reclusive and cynical old hermit.  Perhaps am just becoming lazy and lethargic.  Can't be bothered typing much.

Perhaps there's just far too much information out on the interwebs that am having trouble trying to assess and analyse.

The "homebrew" beer didn't seem to work the way it says in the "instructions". Perhaps it's all been a bit too chilly for it (i refuse to run the electric heater to get it up to 25C).  Not to worry; it's a new year - and  the corn, rockmelon  and tomato plants are growing apace.


Vincent said...

It sounds to me as though you have become infected by contentment, Davo.

Davo said...

.. or 'complacency'.