Monday, January 25, 2010

another quick update

There have, of course, been more than 1700 kilometres pass under the Diff. since I left Port Julia last year.

My loyal readers will, I hope, forgive me for not posting more regularly - but there have been a myriad of fascinating locations visited, dozens of characters encountered along the way who have, by and large, been friendly, helpful, and a pleasure to meet. Some have been a little more difficult to understand; but that, I guess, is what makes the world go round.

It would be a distinctly dull and dreary collection of human beings if everyone thought the same, dressed the same, behaved in the same way - and had very little to offer each other.

It has been a busy time, having to deal with trip planning and logistics on a teensy budget, so not a lot of time to sit, reflect, collate experiences; and write. This will happen; hopefully within the next few weeks.


John L said...

Where are you now?

Vest said...

Hi travelling man. What makes us different is we are all more dreary and awkward than others and what a dreary lot the other awkward sods are.
When in my old village in England recently I successfully proved to my son that I could catch a stickleback in the brook with a stick with cotton and a bent pin with a tiny worm. Memories of a eight year old.
Life isn't fair, as soon as you get to know everything they get rid of you.

Davo said...

JohnL; have always wanted to see what was "beyond the Black Stump" .. heh. Am in the central West of NSW. Took pics of the 'black stump' last night.

Davo said...

.. but didn't go through Binnaway. Now I can't write a little story saying .. "..have Binnaway out past the Black Stump"