Sunday, January 31, 2010

Drought ..

There are, of course, many images from NSW that I could choose.

(near Scone)

(near Sofala)

(Carcoar Dam, near Bathurst)

Drought is a relative term.
(near Leeton)

Have to say, though, that the relativities between South Australia and New South Wales .. are somewhat markedly different.


Davo said...

Yes, there has been "recent rains" in the Murray-Darling river system .. but now NSW is 'crying poor'. One headline reads 'SOUTH AUSTRALIA WANTS OUR WATER'. Yer, well ...

Vest said...

Ancient single new age traveler. You Southies should build desalination plants with your unearned cash looted from the GST funds paid by us in New South Wales.

Davo said...

Yer, well, Vestie .. Budgewoi ain't that far away. Might whizz down and buy you a beer (as distinct from the monumental inefficiency of yer NSW Gummint .. heh.)

Davo said...

This, of course, is the critical attitude. "WE WUZ HERE FIRST!!"..

Debatable point ..

Vest said...

A veteran of 18 months arr in Sydney Jan 45 aged 18 to help the yanks in the Pac.

Vest said...

Wots wrong with a set of quality treads.

Davo said...

HodeHo, Vestie. Nowt wrong with desiring quality treads. Was a toss-up between a new set of decent footwear ($180) and tyres for the motor vehicle. I can go barefoot .. motor vehicle can't .. heh.

Davo said...

Vestie .. water practicality depends on who invades/intsalls/ sets up their colony on the high ground and headwaters of any river system. Stands to reason.

The colony of South Australia was set up by a consortium of independent businessmen who had no truck with ? 'prisoners', 'slavery'?.

It grew and prospered. South Australia does have a primary problem. it's called the River Murray. All the shit dumped into the Murumbigie, Darling, Laughlan .... may .. or may not ..

end up in South Australia.

So .. discussable point ..