Saturday, January 09, 2010

Merry Xmess

(am glad I missed it)

Um, s'pose I'd better let yuz all know that am .. erm ..still alive and 'hangin' about'.


BBC said...

As usual, for the last few years I've gone camping for the last few years over the christmas bullshit.

considering the considerable rape that has been carried out by the "good Ole US of A".

I can't say that your country is doing any better at it, generally speaking, just look at Sydney and the fireworks there on New Years.

We need a country of our own, but there are no new places we can move to. Without a hell of a lot of bombs.

Vincent said...

Is that your pet or your bush-tucker on that fence?

Happy New Year to you, dear Davo!

BBC said...

I didn’t do much of a post this morning, just some CAMPING PICTURES

Davo said...

Jeez, BillyB; don't tell me me yer an old 'camp' .. heh heh.

Davo said...

Vincent .. nah, neither pet nor tucker (yet!). Just thought it a good pic.