Saturday, January 13, 2007

Two years old today

Just thought to let you know that Wombat's Waffles is two years old today. Nuthin' much has changed, the Cretin of Capitol Hill is still waving weapons of mass destruction over the world, and our Prime Miniature is still lining the pockets of the Rich and Infamous. .. and Wombat Wol seems to have gone into retirement vanished into the ether somewhere.

Not gone forever, though. He's just pissed off because Davo won't buy him a new keyboard. This one has a glitch that automatically creates those bloody umlaut or accent gravé thingos every time he tries to use the " or ' key in front of a vowel.

e.g. é sez é's a daft á'porth. " é sez." Bloody frustrating trying to type the vernacular when have to hit the 'quote' key twice, then back up, delete it then type the truncated vowel.

Oh well, such is life. Into every life a little crap must fall.


Anne Johnson said...

Happy Birthday, Wombat's Waffles! I check in on you almost every day.

Davo said...

Thanks, and likewise. But Wombat's Waffles will probably come to sudden halt around the middle of March.

Deirdre said...

Happy blog-birthday for yesterday! Two years is quite an achievement in these things, I believe. Well done.