Sunday, January 14, 2007


Had intended to write quite a long post about this, but weaving a number of subjects into a coherent essay takes time - so decided to post the photos first.

I arrived back in Adelaide in December 1999 with a Toyota Coaster Campervan, and very little else. since then - have acquired a business which went well for the first four years, rented a house to live in, my mother died and left me some furniture, and have bought some toys.

The house changed owners around the middle of last year, but was given to understand that I could stay on for at least twelve months, but received a phone call from the Rental Agent last Friday. I have 60 (now 58) days to vacate, before the bulldozers move in.

Have been feeling increasing old, tired and despondent for the past twelve months, and the lack of rainfall has cut income by half. Have no idea what to do next. Am tempted to just put a tent and few precious items in the back of the station wagon, piss off and leave the rest to the bulldozers. Can't be bothered with the angst and hassle of trying to convert it to cash and find another dwelling. (will figure out something though, dunno what, yet.)

We really are an acquisitive species.

(click pics for larger.)

A strange mix of thoughts and emotions at this time. We start with nothing, work hard, then end up with nothing.
What's it all about
? Alfie.


BBC said...

Hey, somehow, somehow, you must find your own piece of property that is in your name.

That is so important for peace of mind. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my own property. Now get out there and find your own little space that a landlord can't fuck you around with.

Please !!!!

Davo said...

BillyB, the only piece of property "in my name" that I actually "own" is a torso, two legs, two arms, and a head. Everything else will always be "controlled" somehow or other, by some other entity - however much money one pays for the security of "ownership".

Davo said...

How does paying money relate - when a bushfire goes zzzzzt! through your property, or an earthquake, or sudden unpredicted storm/tornado/hurricane/whatever.

Get real, BillyB.

Deirdre said...

Oh, that's such a pity! It's hard work moving when you've put down roots.

Before the eviction came, had you had any thoughts about leaving? That'd give you a clue as to whether you really want to leave Adelaide or not.

Deirdre said...

You were probably just being sarcastic (or something) saying you've ended up with "nothing" but in case not: rubbish. You've got what a lot of people who spend their whole lives paying off material assets will never actually earn: an interesting life, experiences, stories, a full history.

Davo said...

pity..PITY? nah, deirdre, pity should be reserved for those who ├╝nexpectedly" lose their every posession in bushfires or flood or whatever. I still have mine.. it's just a question of what I decide to do with them. que.

BBC said...

Well, my place could burn down, in fact I've had that happen. But at least I would still have the land to slap something up on again.

Anonymous said...

Davo, you strike me as the kind of person who may flourish with a change such as this forced upon you.
I understand your mixed feelings on ownership of property. Property of both the real estate kind and the possessions kind can indeed give one a feeling of security as BBC claims, but either kind can also be an albatross around one's neck. There is something very appealing--cathartic--about chucking it all for a vagabond's life, or about starting over fresh.
And regarding the drought: drought and the heat of summer personally make me quite uneasy, so I understand your bit of angst--especially since your job is affected by it as well.
You are going to do just fine.

Davo said...

Kurt, "who may flourish." mm, am getting a bit old fer this sort of thing.Was a time when would welcome it, get bored, move on - but always my choice. These days, dunno. This one has been forced upon me. Have been aware of it for some time, so have several options under the fold.
Stay tuned.

Davo said...

BillyB, you are still thinking like an "europeanised" white person. Do you really, honestly and truly, believe that by paying money for a piece of paper - you actually "own" the land that you stand on?