Friday, January 12, 2007

..a name by any other ..

"O yes, I'm a great procrastinator .." Yeah, yeah, it doesn't scan as well as pretender, but what the heck. Have been meaning to add a couple more links to the sidebar, but haven't got around to it as yet.

The post (actually, there are two consecutive ones) by The Half Hearted Hack about the naming of children had me falling off the chair.

[note to self .. add Redcap to sidebar ASAP. Update - done]


redcap said...

Heh - thanks for the link David :) But the children! Think of the children!

Davo said...

The children .. mm, are they always destined to carry the sins of the parents? If I have another son, might name him AJAX .. just lather 'im up an' send 'im out t' clean up the world .. heh.