Thursday, January 13, 2005


Be patient with me, Dear Reader, I was born before Television (as we know it) was invented, rode a bike (purchased with pounds and shillings - my lollies with pennies) 5 mile to catch the school bus, learned to write with a pen, nib and inkwell…. (Was that only 60 years ago?? ye gods). My computer is "steam driven", and uses a telephone to hook into "the web".
This is all very new to me. I am, in fact, a neophyte.. a Blog virgin. (blog virgin, ya twit.. not an everythingelse virgin). I could use it as a sort of "letters to the Editor" with guaranteed publication, a "drivel diary", or.. apparently.. anything that took my fancy. Am still at the experimental stage, so some things may change.
I’d like, though, to keep revolving around a theme of "communications", "perceptions", "understandings", "mis-understandings" and "deliberate deceptions."
And Yes, I know that field is wide and far ranging. I work in the daytime and mostly sleep at night, so progress will be slow. There will also be times when I misplace a comma, a word, lapse into "local jargon", or forget the rules of grammar entirely (not that I’m an "expert" in the first place), so what you think you are reading may not be what I’m trying to say.
The English Language is a complex beast.
Am NOT, in fact, an expert at anything. Sort of know a little about a lot, and a lot about very little.
This blog was, however, set up with a specific purpose in mind which may, or may not, become apparent as time passes, and I become more comfortable with it.

Waffles. I had thought of "whinges", but think that "waffles" are far more palatable. What is a Waffle? Dunno really. Could be a kind of batter-cake, baked in an iron utensil with hinged halves, sometimes covered with Jam, cream or icecream. There is also a variation meaning "to wave". Probably derived from the Scottish - "waff". In Australia, it is also jargon for a speech with no substance.. sooo.

I also have to say that Wombats are not very good cooks, and sometimes spill the salt, or use Quince jam.


Vincent said...

Ah Davoh, we are afflicted with the same nostalgia. I have looked at your first post before, and started reading from there. this blogging business gets woven together with our real live looky-feely-tasty-noisy-sniffy life, doesn't it, over significant tracts of our life? And we can go there, travelling in the past, wondering where the old friends have gone ...

I meant to write on that latter subject, but it was too sad.

Vest said...

Owabaht visiting the present tosho.

The past is a collection of the present, the future is oblivion.

Vest said...

Thanks for calling ... U oK?

Vest said...

OK. Now come back to the present, or are you still luxuriating in the pleasures of the past meaning wishful or lustful thoughts.
Maybe just wistful; sob.