Monday, March 06, 2017


No, i don't write much. Why? live by myself - am only twelve months here at this location. No friends, wives, or family who have physically 'followed' me for the past ten years or so. Been a constant companion.

Apart from this one ..

Oh, would you believe that i have thousands of "pics" of everything else ... and she's not in them?

I do have pics of her ... but apparently have never established a "folder" exclusively for her.

Might take a while to find them all and give her DUE as a constant companion.

Have, of course, been chatting 'offline' with dog owners ... and the subject is extremely complex.

Do i talk to her? Of course i do. The tricky subject is - does she talk to me.

At this point would say (write) that Yep; she 'communicates' with me.
The gentle paw on my knee (for no reason that i can discern). The tap on my shoulder at 3AM (which am interpreting as "I wanna go outside to pee" )....... but there is much more to her "body language".

There are times when she sits, and, from my point of comprehension - looks at me with her placid brown eyes ... and tries to articulate with her tongue and throat. Cannot describe the sounds that she makes ... gr.. kgr .. agr ....

Which sort of brings me back to some previous posts about "language".

Can we really define "intelligence" by language?

I watch her 'off leash' interact with other canines. She begins with cautious 'tail in air'.
(and please - do not cut the tail from canines, bit like removing the tongue from humans).


Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Yes, animals' are often better communicators than humans. I'm thinking of dogs and cats but other species could be included.

Best wishes, Davoh.

Davoh said...

Natalie , after many voyages and interesting experiences .. at this point - forgive the language extremely ; pissed of. As disyllabic fro the 'Americanism ' version of "pissed" which, in Australia

'pissed off' means, in Australia means 'you annoy me'. simple.

The answer brought to yo by gurgle analtics

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Davoh, I'm well acquainted with the meaning of pissed off, having been resident in the UK for many many moons and it is frquently used here, also by me. Sorry you're currently feeling pissed off and I hope the feeling will pass, as well as the circumstances which gives rise to it.

Speaking of the world in general, this is definitely the right time to feel pissed off with almost everything, apart from the good things.

Anne Johnson said...

Dogs are great neutralizers of that pissed off feeling.

Davoh said...

Anne, recently (belongs to a long story) had to park my canine into a 'dogs home' kennels for two nights. Seriously, have had long chats with the youngish female who owns the kennels and am now more than happy to leave an 8 year, rarely out of sight - companion in her care.

Davoh said...

Also ... probably a concept that suburban cililians may not really understand - she 'trains' canines to 'perform' in TV and 'movie' productions. Which sort of sparked my interest, since 'once upon a time' was a performer on stage, TV and Movies. Also trained as a "stunt" performer. Falling off horses and pretending to be hit by motor vehicles is -- or more specifically - WAS - too easy - when i was somewhat younger.

Davoh said...

Natalie - Am not "pissed off" with you or anyone who comments. My eyesight is failing. Keyboards are blurry. meh.