Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Um, have had many thoughts about this simple collection of ... symbols? hieroglyphs?*

While yep, there have been times when have travelled along what i thought to be MY  town .. and found a street where not one of the 'businesses' - restuants, clothing shops

The "signage" was, to me, incomprehensible  'glyphs'; scribbles on a wall.

Have, actually, travelled around this peculiar island continent - and., found it mostly

There was a friend, Guenter. Came here from Germany (Deutschland/). While he had 'learned' the language 'English" from books ... had trouble comprehending "Aussie" vernacular.

We enjoyed many 'travels' around this fascinating island continent.
Guenter had trouble sitting in a Public transport for 1000 kilometres.

Davo, he sez, at this point would be in a different Nation. Different language.

Yer, sez me, be patient. Another 1000 klm we'll be in a local pub. Probably the same, but slightly, subtly different. That's Australia.

Our military? From what i hear, very small in numbers ... but, oddly, more respected; world wide
than American .... .

*yer, i do read books. There is a fascinating account of a french bloke who actually began to unravel the 'mystery' , decipher the hieroglyphs --and also an account of how some arrogant, privileged arsehole of an English "Lord" stole his research.

However, this is not my ultimate point.
Can you try to imagine what it must have been like ..
Captain Phillip; sent to a place he knew not of. The OTHER side of the world.
Establish an English colony.

Two notions that the peoples of the USA need to note.
Australia never really had, or was interested in Mass immigration'
Something that Donald Drumpf (his grandfather's name) is intensely aware of.

He is not American .. in the sense that he has any connection to your "first Nations"

However, apart from voting yer local "Kim Kardashian" Barbie doll into yer local "Presidential Palace ... not much that i can say ...
Your vote; Your nation

The Southern Hemisphere is a different world.

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