Saturday, April 01, 2017

am gutless

Yer, well, nothing like an interesting title.

After two days of fasting, reorganizing my digestive system into a watery evacuation for a colonoscopy ..
 the Coleorectal surgeon took me aside to tell me that there was 'nothing there'

"wot" sez me, "nothing there? Where are my guts?"

Yer , i know, am always dismissed as a 'smart arse'.


Davoh said...

One of these days will figure out what Sirious means .. or did i mean Siri .. or serious?

Davoh said...

Am, these days, struggling to comprehend what words mean.

John Gray said...

I have been here
Sat on the toilet!

Vincent said...

I had to laugh. Am with you all the way. We've reached the stage when we have no idea what's going on in there (not that we ever did), but find ourselves anxious for news bulletins. One can only trust. Going in for my first heavy-duty bombardment on Tuesday. Rather like one of those air strikes where the terrorists are hiding amongst the innocents. Will the collateral damage be worth it?

Blessings to your alleged innards.

Davoh said...

O, Vincent. One can only hope that your medical "smart" bombs and 'precision guided' missiles are a smidge more accurate than the Syrian ones. Best Wishes.

Yer, John; the watery innards. Have to admit that am now used to it. Had 'been there' twice before. 'Twas funny the first time (2014?). Did all the preparation, drove the 35k to hospital, sat for three hours freezing in my white nightie, was next in line ... then told that the machine had broken down, Would i mind waiting for another four hours or so. NUP!! NO WAY!!!. So was re-scheduled, and had to go through it all over again a few weeks later. Not t worry, c'est la vie.

Davoh said...

Vincent, i really don't know what to say, to hear about what you are hinting. I can only wish you the best, and hope that your Angels are with you. Cheers.