Saturday, May 10, 2014

Um ... communication

Dear SkyMesh Member,

This is an automated message to help you manage your data usage.

As of 10-May-2014 05:00pm you had used 506 MB of your 1,000 MB Normal Data allowance.

SkyMesh doesn't charge for excess data but if you use all of your Normal Data allowance during the current Billing Period, your service will be speed limited until your next Billing Day on 12-May-2014.

Speed limiting occurs during Peak hours and, if you have also used all of your Bonus Data allowance, during Off Peak hours.

If you don't think your remaining Normal Data allowance will last until your next Billing Day, depending on your Plan, some of the following options may be available to you, depending on what type of plan you have:
* Simply do nothing and wait until your next Billing Day.
* Increase your data allowance by changing to a Plan with a larger data allowance.
* Increase your data allowance by purchasing a Data Block.

It's your choice.

Below is a summary of your usage for the current Billing Period:
Normal Data: 506 / 1,000 MB
Bonus Data: 877 / 2,000 MB
Excess Data: 0 MB

If you would like to check your current usage, or decide to change your Plan or purchase a Data Block, please use our customer portal, My SkyMesh at

If you have any further questions, please call Customer Service on 1300 759 637 or email

Kind regards,

SkyMesh Customer Service

SkyMesh Pty Ltd
Licensed Telecommunications Carrier
ABN 62 113 609 439

Phone: 07 3123 5800
Toll Free: 1300 759 637
Fax: 1300 859 637

37 Baxter Street

Yer, whatever .... roll on the National Broadband Network.
(yer, i know; not happening under Malcolm Tumbril's aegis). 

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