Wednesday, May 14, 2014

fantasy aircraft (2) [further updated 27th May, 2014]

OK, am not going to let this fiasco pass un-noticed. Watch the video.

Note that Kerry O'Brien mentions that John Howard signed
" .. a secret deal" with Lockheed Martin.

Forget all the "hype" and crap. Will try to find more facts and details about this "secret deal".


Ok, here is more information regarding the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

It's from the website of  Air Power Australia  - billed as "Australia's Independent Defense Think Tank".

Reading the detailed analysis of a considerable number of current and future aircraft will take some time, and am reluctant to add my personal thoughts about the decision of the current Federal government to continue with the purchase of the F-35 ... but perhaps some actual facts from what appears to be a knowledgeable source (as distinct from 'hype' and 'hyperbole', 'lies' and 'spin') ... will explain my utter disgust with some aspects of the current Federal politicians.

[another update]

ABC Radio National program "Rear vision"

(Am now in contact with an investigative journalist to help find the details of how we got into this fiasco, and what, exactly, the initial "contract" details are - if possible).

(another update  ... um, yes, sent an email to the "Editor-in Chief" of the "Guardian " - Australian 'online' edition .... but it seems that the "Editor in Chief" that i tried to begin conversation with - has been replaced.

The previous "Editor in chief" passed my request for an "in depth" investigation into the "Why" and circumstances behind the current Federal decision to allocate rather more AU$ billions into the F-35 fiasco -
than a few million to support AUSTRALIAN manufacturing (and 'jobs').

... to a 'wannabe' reporter for the Guardian - and yes; sue me for this comment.


Vincent said...

I'm disappointed. You haven't delivered what I was looking for. I was hoping to take a fantasy ride in your fantasy aeroplane, but it's just down-under politics. Mind you if it was ranting against David Cameron or indeed any of our lot, that would be juicy enough.

& another thing---I don't know if it is age, but I'm finding it harder to "prove that I am not a robot". I look human enough when I look in the mirror. And I've chosen "an identity". What more can Google ask for?

Davoh said...

You could ask me to tinker with the settings .. heh. There must be quite a few 'robots' out there, since i get very few 'comments'. Have, i think, switched off the "WV".

Will see what happens. IF, however, i get pestered by too many dingbats, will switch it back on again. Cheers.

Davoh said...

Hang about, Vincent - this post has not yet been completed.