Saturday, November 27, 2010


Um, there are probably many details that have chosen to not publish.

So, short story.

When i first lobbed on this apparent 'wilderness' campground, was under the impression that nobody cared. After a while some locals wandered past. Had spoken to one or two, given shrugged 'permission' to 'stay as long as i liked'.

After a while discovered that  'undercurrents' prevailed. Was told that 'the locals think you are taking over their campground' (cramping their style?). Had no intention of "taking over", but, obviously, had to think about it. The "hints" became more obvious - revving motor vehicles, wheelies in the dark of the night.

Was visited by a 4WD at 10.00pm one night. Parked next to my van. Uh,Oh, think i. Two burly blokes. We had a chat. Was left alone, but after a couple of visits, got to know one of them. i went round to visit him, several times. Alcohol involved. Mad bastard, too similar. Alpha males.

He helped me get into the house that i now occupy, his friend is the next door neighbour.

He came round to this house several times, me sober, him crissed as a picket, could cope.

Then, something happened to a nearby house, wanton vandalism. Saw him in the vicinity, the timing was suspicious, so i mentioned it to the cops. OOOOps.

Intimidation is not all that pleasant. Won't go into details, but there were several late night visits, rocks on my roof. Took some weeks to get into a rational dialogue, but - so far, as of last Saturday night - when the visit was a bit tense, we sort of sorted things out. A bit.

Am not a "fighter" and only 70kilo facing two blokes taller than me and 20 years younger; had, basically to "talk" my way out of it.

Oddly, after a bit of "argy bargy" they were invited in, we sat down, shared a beer and, so far, all is quiet and peaceful.


Anne Johnson said...

my guess is they weren't getting along so great before you arrived, and now they have a new target for their low-level pissed-offness. Now you really are an honorary Appalachian!

Davo said...

mm, Anne, i guess that rocks on the roof is better than buckshot through the window .. heh. And we're sort of friends again.

Jayne said...

Just keep your head down and keep smiling is all I can suggest.

Davo said...

.. and do my best "Sergeant Shultz" act (I know nozzink).. heh.

Davo said...

I really only posted this, as the situation re China/NK/USA seemed sort of similar.

lemmiwinks said...

No way. If you ask me Davo, your situation is much scarier than the nutters with nukes. Well handled though, well handled.

Davo said...

Dunno, Lemmi, part of the conversation on that Saturday night involved the mention of .357 weapons.

Am keeping head down.