Thursday, November 25, 2010

slow food

Just posting some pics of the veggie patch(es).  Am too lazy to dig up much dirt (?) so am using poly boxes filled with potting mix. Um, another reason that am starting with poly boxes is that can move them around until i discover where the best sunny spots are.
These are the sweetcorn seeds, which i grew in a seed raising tray, then planted out -
sweetcorn and tomato 
There are also some potatoes in there somewhere, but haven't come up yet. The two tomato plants are try 2. We had some snow last month which knocked off try 1. Have since heard that "never plant tomatoes before the Melbourne Cup" .. heh.

Aaaand one strawberry plant alongside some chives.


lemmiwinks said...

Nice! They have the same saying about tomatoes and the Melbourne Cup up here too, though we were spared the late snow ;-)

My corn is languishing but my tomato plant is going very nicely.

Davo said...

Heh, did have some rather nice reddish strawberries .. but something pinched 'em (suspicions abound) so just shoved a bit of netting over the box.