Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Gurgle confusion

Um, OK .. one of the reasons Womby's drivel has been silent for so long is that he's been completely confused, confounded and discombombulated by the plethora of sign in options belonging to Gurgle.

Have, it seems, several "Guggle accounts" .. all requiring different "usernames" and passwords.

Doesn't help that Womby's drivel uses an email address that I had when first began - 2005 (before Grungle got hold of Blogger) - but which is no longer valid .. sort of makes it difficult to 'recover' or 'change' a password if the 'confirmation' email disappears into cyberspace - and there is no way to contact a real person at Grungle to explain the situation (well, there IS a 'forum', but that is frustrating, and the "help" files are about as useful as an iPad to a blind man).

However, after much teeth-grinding, hair pulling, and objects thrown at walls - have now managed to figure out how to "sign on" to Wombat's Waffles.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as the valium kicks in.

1 comment:

John L said...

I do all of those things too - except for the hair pulling (none left!).