Friday, October 02, 2009

Am still alive

Dunno why I bother, mostly.


Max is still alive. Remarkable recovery, actually. Have never, previously, been close to anyone with "cancer". Sort of difficult to believe.

Is now school holidays, and the campsite is filling up. Abbey is having to learn that she doesn't actually "own" the playground, and is being asked to stay close .. heh.

We still go and say a careful "hello" to those nearby with dogs and cats; but so far she's understanding.

..we had a small problem some time ago with Max's cat; but that got sorted .. heh.


BBC said...

Lots of cancer in my family, my 'dad' died of it at 44. But I don't think I got his genes being as my mother was a horny toad and he was overseas when I was conceived, something I guess I'm thankful for being as I've out lived everyone.

But my impending death is the least of my concerns, just the last interesting thing I will be doing on this rock.

My only concern these days is getting in one more camping trip and interesting experience.

BBC said...

Well, death isn't much of a concept to an omnipresent spirit. It is after all, just one body.

Davo said...

Yer, well, guess so BillyB. Max is one of Australia's "specials". 70, been around a bit. Bittuva battler from way back.

Davo said...

BillyB, dunno about anyone else's the quality of journey..

Max drove me over to the Curramulka farmer's market this morning. Not much there, just locals. I bought two books for 50c, three excellent chocolates for $2.50; and a sausage from the BBQ; $1.00 (sorry, we've run out of onions).

I love 'em. Special people.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

Always nice to hear (see/read) what's going on in your life. Coothood is a pain sometimes, but it is interesting.

BBC said...

It's always nice to have a few special folks in your life, I sure have my share of them.

Although it may not seem like it when they talk about using my head for a bowling ball when I die, ha ha ha.

Ah fuck it, friends should have a great sense of humor.

Davo said...

And yes, Billy B. A sense of humour is important. Max is now 'stronger' and, after some adventures and 'alcohol' has told me to "Fuck off".

Que sera sera.

Davo said...

Oh, if anyone is interested in how Abbey and the cat "got sorted" .. Abbey is a dog, 'Li'l Tacker' is a cat. Dogs chase cats. Took a while, but with careful handling Lil Tacker discovered that it wasn't a good idea to "swat 'n' run". Abbey only wanted to play. Lil Tacker and Abbey - if not 'good friends' acquired an understanding.

Was interested, later, when someone else turned up with a cat. Cat (on leash) had obviously learned. Abbey goes over for a sniff and look. Cat watches, sits still. Abbey just loses interest and wanders off.