Friday, October 16, 2009

Long walks are cheap.

Not a lot of anything major has been happening. Poverty is beginning to become a way of life. Long walks are cheap.

Go away, am sleeping.
Oh, we ain't got a barrel o' moneeee ..
but we travel along, singin' a song ..
side by siiiide ... heh.

Crinkle cut ...
Damn, that'll teach me to trust air traffic control.
Well, we tried to make a go of it ..
.. but there's always the next bit of road less travelled ..


Davo said...

Shit, I must be slipping. Could have made that sequence better.

Anne Johnson said...

I dunno, it packs a punch. Crinkle cut is a very widespread invasive species!

Vest said...

Once were Crinkly Crisps.

Davo said...

Once were Krispy Kremes.

Vincent said...

more pix please.