Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nude nut

Yer, I know .. or possibly don't.

Life has taken on new hues, different perspectives since the arrival of "the girl".

Can't really be bothered writing much. Much has been - and still is - "happening", in real life .. elsewhere.

Made an error of judgement several days ago. The weather became warmer, almost balmy. Decided that I needed a haircut - well, the longish, tangled, unwashed mat of fibres on my skull needed attention. Had been chatting with Max, the older bloke down the track, about it. He said he had some electric clippers, so sort of arranged a freebie haircut. Sheesh!

There are, I guess, some people with really nice .. perfectly formed skulls .. but me? Nah ..

Looks as if have just escaped from prison .. on the other hand, perhaps I have.

Two days later the weather turned very chilly; storms, rain. GAAAAH!


Vincent said...

When I had my hair cut nearly as short as that, people (not total strangers, I hasten to add) could not restrain themselves from stroking my head. I let them, boys as well as girls. A whole throng. At least two. Perhaps one.

You have all it takes to be irresistible now, I wager, what with "the girl" and now this. Or if that is exactly what you don't want, just wait 3 weeks.

Davo said...

Ah, Vincent .. is it always that we succumb to the juvenile 'irresistable' urge to stroke something "new"?

John L said...

Get a hat!

GreenSmile said...

but you have a hat.

I drove with my youngest from Boston to LA in August to get him to his new station in life: USC PhD hopeful. His itinerary included a visit with affluent parents of a school chum from New Orleans.
Matted greasy and a good deal thinner than your mane, my head growth was deemed unpresentable. So he pulled us in to the first barber shop we found in Birmingham Alabama. I believe I could have been the first white guy who ever came through their door. The barber did not even own a pair of scissors...all buzzy things he owned but no shears.

by the time I left, he had put enough goop on my head to disguise the fact that half my head looked like yours does here and half still had a comb-able length of fur. I look like Hitler anyway but by then I looked like Hitler had lost a fight with someone wielding a hedge trimmer.

Count yourself lucky Davo. I was not able to find a good hat store until we got to Albuquerque.

Davo said...

Greensmile - keep smiling; I have many hats.

Link said...

Just change your name to Rinpoche.

Davo said...

That name is already taken, Link .. and anyway, I should be so lucky ..OMMMM