Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fat tax

Another long and complicated " back story'.
(just type it in to gurgle search .. heh)

The local "pollies" are trying to figure out how to wean Aussies off "alcohol" and "gambling".

'Fat chance' is the local jargon ; meaning "no way".

There are also concerns among the "health professionals" about increasing obesity.

OK .. simple solution. Just make the doorways into "fast food" franchises 400 millimetres wide (whatever that is in "inches'). All doorways into pubs have to be at a 47.5 degree angle (left or right - publicans choice).



Davo said...

Apologies - this post is not aimed at any particular person, idea, notion, politician, priest .. or any other persons notion of "how things should be'

Heh, heh heh.

Davo said...

(one wonders why WE .. US AUSTRALIANS are becoming a Nation of "apologists").

ZACL said...

Who started this lot off? We have the same exhortations over here in the UK.

I like the doors idea. Not sure if the EU would allow the alterations to stand though.

MarcLord said...


your doorway idea would certainly keep me trim. and as to your comment on me last post:

The lion firmly believes it is the rancher who owns the entire herd of wildebeests, yes, but this time it is getting in range of the horns.

BBC said...

Booze is proof that spirit wants us to be happy. Spirit of course being us.

BBC said...

The local "pollies" are trying to figure out how to wean Aussies off "alcohol" and "gambling".

Won't that really hurt the tax base?

Vest said...

Family cars should receive similar alterations, less width for adults up front and even less for baggage at the back.
Moving by Shanks pony will remove the blubber.

Vest said...

It pleases me to know that you have found love at last. Woof Woof.

Davo said...

Marc, at this point am still believing that the lion can control the ranchers .. only time will tell.

Davo said...

Sheesh, Vest; "Shanks pony" .. haven't heard that one for more years than I care to remember. Perhaps I, also, have succumbed to "american cultural imperialism' .. heh.

Nah, the Aussie underground is always alive and well .. even if we have to give the occasional nod to the Brit system of Constitutional monarchy .. heh

Davo said...

It always used to fascinate me, many years ago, when they put up signs in the front bar; paraphrasing .. "we are not allowed to serve people who are intoxicated".

"Oh", say I to the burly bloke pulling beers, "does that mean only one drink?"

"Wha..?", sez the bloke behind the bar.

"well", say I, "what is the definition of intoxication?"

"O fuck off smartarse", says the bloke behind the bar .. and kept serving me beers until I ran out of money - or fell off the bar-stool.