Sunday, June 07, 2009

Dear Mystery Reader

Have had the intention of writing this post for some time – the reason will become apparent later – but some other thoughts have prompted it forward. One, of course, is that have been devouring1 quite a few paperback novels of late; but that isn't the only reason, and intend to write some “reviews” at some future date.

[ 1 metaphorically speaking, since actually “eating” them might prove problematical and somewhat unpalatable – but given the fact that the auto-transmission on the motor vehicle has decided to “cease to function” - or rather, the two top gears (drive and overdrive) have ceased to function – leaving me with 1st, 2nd and reverse. Can still potter from A to B in relative comfort and no great strain on legs – but only at 40-45 kph. Will be an interesting exercise in fiscal restraint while I figure out how to save (or acquire) enough finance to get it fixed; and may well involve boiled paper for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.]

The other prompt was a visit to David G's “Dangerous Creation” where he laments a “diminishing readership”. While on the one hand I applaud the lofty and altruistic ideal of trying to save the world from foolishness, folly and misery, one blog at a time – somehow have a sneaking suspicion that that might be a tad unrealistic. While yes, folly and misery are still common and widespread – methinks that the prime reason (or one of them, at least) for people to “come together” in passionate discourse has now diminished and dissipated. BushCo and Howard have been defeated.

There is no longer any central, singular foe for the disparate tribes to focus on, or congregate against. Wordswords have been sheathed, and the armies of outcry have apparently dribbled back to gossip among themselves at the parish pump.

This blog has never been particularly concerned with “readership numbers”. Was only begun with one reader in mind (good heavens – in January 2005) and even then, on the assumption that the likelihood of that was remote.

Can even remember being somewhat startled – after I'd eventually discovered Statcounter – to find that “someone else” was actually reading it. Mostly, in the early days, from Goggle search; but found that after I'd made comments on other blogs, there was a gradual increase in readership. Have also found that most “commenters” tend to prefer some sort of follow-up response, otherwise they don't bother (either that, or my posts leave them speechless .. heh).

Have very few readers, these days, and even fewer comments; though that is probably due to the long gaps between posts, but was much easier for me to provoke lively debate in the comments box when I had 24/7 access to electricity and internet.

I will, at this point, thank my few regular readers, you are precious .. heh. There's several from Sydney and some from Melbourne and Victoria; some from NSW (though only one with a Mac OS 10 .. heh); a couple from Brisbane; one from Kapunda - and one from Buckinghamshire. (can't link names to the actual ISP's, but know most of the probable names).

I do, of course, still regularly check Statcounter, and am still fascinated by how some “strangers” arrive on the blog. Mostly through the various search engines, but have to say that none of that is overly exciting – mostly people wondering what wombats eat, or something equally dreary.

There is, however, one visitor that continues to intrigue and mystify me. Statcounter frequently gives the message “multiple visits over more than one day”, and has done so over some length of time. Now, I perhaps know quite a few people who live in Adelaide, but can't seem to put a name to this one.

Your browser is MSIE 7.0; the operating system is Windows XP.

Screen resolution is 1024x768.

It looks like your Service provider is

Dear mystery reader, c'mon don't be shy. Do I know you, or blog – or you me? Leave a cryptic, anonymous comment if you like – or email me at the address in the profile.


GreenSmile said...

I thought we'd have a problem once bushies ran their Hummer into a ditch.

GreenSmile said...

and, no, I am not that mystery reader...heck, I don't read any kind of fiction!

Davo said...

Hi Greensmile - had, actually, forgotten to mention my couple of Nordeamericanos, oops.

I could be cynical and ask if you read newspapers, there could be fiction therein .. heh.

Jayne said...

Nope, not this little black duck ;)

Neil said...

No mystery here, Davo. You probably recall my Unwired "signature"... I often pick up your posts via Google Reader though.

Caroline said...

Lovely photo David. Yeah no not me but you know that, I'm the Mac OS10, Firefox, and it looks like I recently arrive from a place called Hanging Rock, but I'm not sure where that is. Seems I've moved to Gloucestor anyways.

The photo below of the woman. An actor? Looks vaguely familiar and are we supposed to guess out loud what happened there? I'm a good guesser you know.

sexy said...



Davo said...

mm, always nice to get a comment from a "sexy", sexy - but Chinese is a bit um, "chinese" to me .

the dragon dragon movement network, Shi Laimu, Shi Laimu plays amusingly, However, methinks this is some sort of incomprehensible SPAM, but will leave it there for the time being.

Davo said...

Um, Caroline, the lady - as far as am aware - was never "on stage", at least not in a speaking role. Would also be better not to "guess out loud", just in case .. heh.

Vest said...

Smeeagin. My schoolboy scribblings are not in your league. it's only in the past five years long after retirement I have taken up writing as a hobby without formal tuition or having any previous interest or contact with writing.
While a Navy person my slogan was
"Do right fear no man"
"Dont write and fear no woman"

Maybe your mystery person is a wealthy heiress who wants to fix your motor or better still your steering column. good luck.

Davo said...

mm, the last recent visit from mystery person was 9 hours!! - but no comment or hint as to who they might be .. heh.

Davo said...

it's not 'sexy' though - that came from Taiwan.