Thursday, June 11, 2009

Template changes

OK, 'tis time.

Have been reluctant to "upgrade" to Bluggre "new" as it may well entail re-creating the template and side bar. However, a couple of things are prompting me to upgrade .. so will attempt it over the next few days.

One of them was the discovery that I could use a surge protector (Belkin SurgeCube -$30-00) so that I could plug the computer directly into the output of the generator, therefore enabling me to charge the battery, instead of depleting it with the laptop - and the other was an interest in a new "online publisher" - which has some interesting abilities; especially the possibility of "slurping" a blog, and re-arranging the posts into "first to last". Have downloaded and had a play with the free "BookSmart" publishing template(s) but apparently it was in Beta - and they now have Booksmart2; which I've not yet tried. Well worth checking out, though.

Hopefully, if it doesn't work, can revert to "ye Olde" design.

Hmmm, looks as if I'll have to recreate the entire sidebar, oh well .. many a happy hour discovering the options before I have it to my satisfaction .. heh


Link said...

A bit more contrast between yer back ground and yer text would make for easier reading.

Davo said...

OK, thanks; will play with that over time. Any other comments/suggestions welcome - at this point.

Link said...

That's better.

Jayne said...

Looking ok :)

Vest said...

We live in a world of ever accelerating change nothing stays the same for long.

Davo said...

Um, dunno about that, Vest. This is the first major change to womby's drivel since year 2005.