Tuesday, March 17, 2009

footsteps in a landscape


Oh yes, the GFC has affected me. Here's my response. Long story.

Saw it coming several years ago. Liquidated everything I owned into what I have now. A bank is persuing me for 12K .. much of which belongs to “fees and charges” ... Tiny bikkies, really, given the multi Billions lost. If they can extract 12K of potential out of me .. then that might be an interesting challenge.

A Jackson Pollock scribble in paint was was worth $au12 million to some Art Gallery funded by local Gummimt .... heh.


Anne Johnson said...

Tell the bank you'll give them five quid, take it or leave it.

GreenSmile said...

send them that picture and tell them you'd give them the shirt off of your back!

WT said...

Great photo.

Vest said...

I estimate my rello's unpaid borrowings would give me five years of riotous living.