Friday, March 20, 2009

thoughts on a Friday night

One of my favourite internet reads mentioned the star cluster Orion. Yes Ann, it is shared by both North and South hemispheres; but will write something about it later.
What's giving me the irrits at the moment is "generators". Those little motor thingos that the "new nomads" use to pretend that their lifestyle still needs plasma TV's and electric kettles. Gahhhh!! Honda says it is the "quietest" .. but when one is fired up 6 foot away from my van and run through the beauty of the evening sunset .. sort of pisses me off.

Sheesh.. they come to a "bush camp" in their multi thousand zero plastic winnebagos.. and expect things to be as they were when they lived in the city suburbs.


Davo said...

les nouveaux rois riches et petits en plastique portent des fourgons.

Greywolfe said...

My father chose to live the life you do, some years back when my step-mother died. He couldn't stand living in a house with so many fresh memories.

I envy you and him in so many ways. I also fear making such a change in lifestyle as I would have to give up a good deal of my luxuries and haven't progressed to the point where I can lose those and remain a sane and well rounded individual.

There is much to be said for a simplification of life. We (especially Americans) have become consumers for the sake of consumption. I long for the old days. When men and women stood on their own feet and the government really had nothing to say from day to day about what we did and when. I do not, however, wish to go so far back as to give up the "modern" convenience of pennicillin or modern dentistry. Everything else can go.