Friday, September 26, 2008


Well, am back. Might say that the five days beginning last Thursday were the longest, perhaps strangest - certainly the most unusual - of my life. Much happened, and am still trying to figure it all out. Might write about it in detail at some point, but doubt that will post it on this blog (yep, am being deliberately obscure) ..

However; am, at the moment, perhaps the happiest that have been for a long, long time.

Have been sleeping in the car for the past three nights (don't worry, am well equipped and still have caravan). It's very comfortable, actually; snuggled warmly into the doona of a chilly night and watching the mass of constellations march across the crystal night sky.

Am at a delightful little caravan park. Came here last night to “charge the multitude of batteries that accompany modern long-range communications” (heh), typing this in the front seat of the wagon and waiting for the nearest Wifi internet Cafe (about 500 yards away) to open at 10am. Intend to just “travel” for the next week, perhaps two. Everything is organised, and will post further updates as time and facilities permit.

Freedom is such a lovely word.


Brian Hughes said...

"Freedom is such a lovely word."

Except when it's used as the brand name of a sanitary towel.

Vincent said...

Congratulations, Davo, if that is appropriate. And make sure you report back when any necessary batteries have been charged and WiFis plugged in (or perhaps that's the very thing you don't have to do with them): to translate your adventures into the typed word.

Tell, tell!

Caroline said...

Glad to hear your happy, happier and happiest. All sounds intriguing.

Davo said...

Intriguing? mm, guess so - was carted off to spend 5 days in a psych ward .. errrm "Mental Health Unit" down in Adelaide. Interesting place.

Caroline said...

Well it certainly seems to have been a tonic for you.

So you'd be away with the pixies then?

Davo said...

Haven't seen any pixies yet .. though have heard the snuffle and snort of bunyips down by the billabong .. heh.

WT said...

Sounds like fun.