Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yer, i know,apart from falling in the floor and breaking unbreakable platters, have just discovered a drop-down list within "Open office" called "draw". hoo boy, designs at the flick of a mouse .. heh.



Brian Hughes said...

I reckon a completely orange flag with a tiny thin strip of green along the edge (much like Australia itself) would do it...although I suspect a kangaroo in a striking pose would be far more likely to get chosen.

Vincent said...

So where is your design, Davo?

Vest said...

To appease the commo's,slopes and misc wogs,remove the union flag segment and replace in the top left canton with a roo and emu rampant, the blotch stays true blue with Queensland separatists having crossed bananas replace the six stars and Darwin six blowflies.
Or alt, a white flag with the word 'Strayer written horizontally.

Oh I am forgetting a sky blue flag with a pic of our kev waving goodbye at an airport.

BBC said...

I don't much care what the flag of any country looks like, including the flag of the country I live in. But it would be more interesting if it had boobs on it.

I support a one world governing body so I think it's flag should simply be a white flag with a globe of the planet on it.

Nationalism is just infantile.

Vest said...

BBC. Amd global competition will vanish and tits no longer titilating will be.

Vest said...

While you are flying our flag, remember.
Time flies like an arrow and Fruit flies like a banana.

Ava patriotic day.

Davo said...

Brian, the kanga in striking pose is a "battleflag" not a National one . heh.

Vincent, ah, was waiting until had sent the several versions to the Ausflag site. They thanked me for my interest .. heh.

Vest, I do have one that retains the "red-white-blue" but not in the shape of the British Jack. Will post several when have time as my 1/2 hour is almost up.

BBC, jeepers, and here's me thinking that I was some sort of cynic .. heh.