Thursday, October 02, 2008

Up the road or Round the bend.

Have been extremely busy, criss-crossing the area in around the Clare Valley. Have left the caravan at Kapunda, as I find it much easier to travel quick and light, though did have to make a quick trip back to Gawler to get a new tent. It didn't dawn on me that the tent I already owned hadn't been out of its bag for 12 years .. until the first time I put it up, and found that the bendy fibreglass poles had sort of gone all chalky, and had a tendency to snap. Anyway, now have a dinky little dome($50) new sleeping bag ($40) and a magical little Butane gas cookstove ($17) as some of the National Parks up around this way ban open fires - though have been fortunate so far.

The area around the Clare Valley and upper Adelaide Plains is criss-crossed with a cobweb networks of dirt and gravel roads, mostly in very good condition, but some are "dry weather tracks". Have a tendency to potter around on the back roads, and found this lonely little Church on one - no other buildings within 5 kilometers or so, but is apparently still in use.
Woolshed flat

There is a small marker, alone and separate near the centre of above pic, which I felt rather poignant.

It just says "Aboriginal".

Anyway, have parked for a few days in a magical campground - tent in shade of Peppercorn tree, trickling creek nearby. Its a very popular spot, apparently, but so far have seen few others and there is ample room. Plenty of space for caravans, motorhomes and tents. No "facilities" apart from a couple of "long drop" toilets.

It's school holidays at present, though the "long weekend" is coming up .. will wait and see. Intend to hang around this area for some time. The nearest major town is 30K away, but does have "Library WiFi" .. so will spend some time organising a more detailed write-up and heaps of photos.


Vincent said...

Davo, you have almost become the archetypal jolly swagman, camped by a billabong!

Thanks for this most interesting post. I hope to hear more and wish you all kinds of good health.

Brian Hughes said...

"...some of the National Parks up around this way ban open fires..."

I won't tell 'em if you don't.

JahTeh said...

That's a very Gothic Olde Englishe looking church.

I'm glad you're doing what you've wanted to for a long time.

Post more photos as soon as possible.

R.H. said...

whereas city zombs tie the bib on for breakfast in European style cafes this Sunday these are parts of their country they'd never imagine, never see.
Well done you old cunt.

Vest said...

Grew up enjoying the lack of facilities, was able to escape the inevitable until at ten and a bit my idyllic country lifestyle was lost to the rigours of the boarding school, the worst shock to the system was the daily shower ritual with hard yellow soap.
BTW, was the creek deep enough for a body decontam, or did you maintain that rustic 'drovers' armpit odour to complete the getaway illusion.
Anyhow its good to know you enjoyed yourself.

GreenSmile said...

Long as you don't find a stone with your name on it, keep a goin'.