Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wandering around in the middle

Yer, 'spose the Olympics have sparked this train of thought – and reminds me that self was never “driven” into some sort of passion for excellence.

Still pottering around in the middle ground.

Went off to attend Art class at 9am this morning*. 5 middle-aged ladies. Lovely people. The Tutor carries an American accent and some philosophical baggage from her homeland; doesn't seem to understand the structure of gum-trees .. heh.

Have been trying to figure that one out, myself. One of the exercises was “shapes” and a “tree” so, last Wednesday, duly went out, photographed one in their backyard, nicked back to the van, printed out several copies for the class.

Photo ..

My first version.

Have a long way to go, yet.

It suddenly occurred to me that the intrinsic nature of “gum trees” is more about sticks and straggly leaves surviving in a vast land and sky-scape, than anything else. Not much in the way of “shape” per se; compared to the European concept of blocky, and well defined “trees”, but that belongs to a different discussion.

Am beginning at the beginning, learning how to look at light. Funnily enough, 'tis easier to look at things in “black and white” .. gives a “shape” or “weight” - map. After that comes “tones” - shades of grey. “Colours” come much later in the picture.

Blocks pics .. and yes, the first pic is a deliberate statement.](digital pics, not paintings)

But while am at it
.. a few pics of my “shed” (annexe).

Am not am “artist” per se. Not “driven” by anything in particular. Just pottering around filling in time at the moment .. but the challenge, the learning process, does become fascinating. Have tried all this, sporadically, over some 30-40 years, but other lives and living always intervened. Interesting to speculate what would have happened, back then, if had suddenly been “driven” - either by parental imperative or some strange, internal, “inexplicable” force to actually become an extraordinary singularity, learn the basics - and follow it through with single-minded passion.

Perhaps am one of those eternal “students” .. never proficient - but never constrained.

Always able to learn a little about, try to understand – and adjust to everything .. heh.

[* ,, for some reason, attacked cask of port Tuesday night last week, and turned up at 9.30am Wednesday .. was 'chided' fer “turning up late” .. mmm. They're getting to know me. Today, at the class, every time i tried to discuss philosophy or politics in depth .. “Aren't you supposed to be painting something?” “Errrm, waiting fer the paint t' dry”, replies i, back into my box, mmble, mmmble ... heh.

Yup, still have much to learn. What I will have difficulty with, methinks, is a tutor who, off patch, still relates to me at kindergarten level.]


lemmiwinks said...

Like the painting of the tree Davo.

R.H. said...

I understand art and know what I like, your painting is very good.

Vest said...

A lady tutor, so that could be an added interest. Perhaps a nude pose is in the offing.

Anne Johnson said...

I can't draw water from a well. You're blessed with great talent and, even better, a desire to learn more.

Jayne said...

Pfft "have a long way to go" my left foot!
That's pretty damn good!

Davo said...

Ah, am but re-learning, re-establishing the basics. Am aiming at "impressionism" but am discovering that that is not as simple as it sounds .. heh.

Davo said...

Vest!!! (feigns shock).. the lady is Married!!!.

John L said...

Loved your tree Davo. Haven't been to the class but know the kindergarten scenario. There are very good classes at the institute on Mondays. Highly recommended.