Saturday, August 23, 2008

Individual Laurels

At this point, think that the ultimate accolade for an Australian effort at Beijing 2008 should go to Steve Hooker.

Oh yes, there are other team supports and 'media' hypes, efforts more noticed; but an Olympic gold medal in 'Track and Field' – with world record thrown in – for an extreme, nailbiting effort, Laurels should go to Steve.

Oh yes, we have our “stars” in the swimming pool, and elsewhere. Team support and Media attention unlimited.

But who gives a shit about the Pole vault? No 'competitors' in the immediate vicinity to see and try to beat, no real 'audience pump'. Just him and a bar to try to get over; combine the physics of a long carbon fibre pole, a short run dash with the stamina of long distance, the strength of the weightlifter, the agility of the gymnast,

And yet, he's such a nice person.

And Emma Snowsill .. amazing. What sort of person can get though the Triathlon, waltz over the line when all others are collapsing – look as if she could do the whole thing again, and her team-mate come in just behind?

Gahhhh! Who ARE these Australians?

The Chinese are well renowned for gymnastics and precise bodily control .. but who is Matthew Mitcham....? Standing alongside the top level male divers.

[just a thought. Um, has anyone else noticed that the Europeans are much better at 'indoor' or 'stadium' sports .. but the Aussies excel in the 'outdoor' – sailing, triathlon, long distance? Not all that prepared for the short term 'pretty' sports? We do have them, athletes prepared for all levels .. just wondering ..]

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Davo said...

.. and yer, noticed the Brit challenge of "where the bloody hell were you?" .. the gummint heard it, and will trow more money at it, but the fact still remains .. Brits are better at "sit down" sports .. rowing, horses, etc .. heh.