Monday, April 02, 2007


have written about this previosly. Why has it become a "disability"? My eyesight is deterioprating. Anything under artificial light and within six feet is a sruggle. The key boaed is a beige blur. Can see the general aspect of the computer screen. Thjere are lines of print.

Can see the red underline od misspelt words, but the exactitude defeats me.

BUT I can still see. What must it be like tp tp see less? ( am workimg on residual memory of where the letters are on the keyboard.)

What must it be loke for some ome born blind? What must life be like for so,eone who lost sight un teenage years. Do they ïnvent"a world?

Have listened to a couple of Radio National programmes dealing with this issue. How can a person imagine the worls that we take fer granted, if it is not seen? What co;our is blue?.


Yves said...

O Davo, these seem to be diffcult times for you! Are you too solitary a hermit to acquire an amanuensis, to type for you and read to you? I can see her now, shyly worshipping your manly form, keeping out of your way a lot, but tenderly ministering to you all the same. No need to seek her out. She will come when the time is right.

Link said...

A man ue ensis, is a woman, whodavthought. Komplex word mst look ittup.

Davo, cover one eye with hand, check vision, cover other eye with hand check vision. Any alarming discrepencies get thee to an ophthalmologist pronto!

Rauf said...

Same here Davo, but I can see, I knock this I knock that, afraid to use the staircase in low light. get hit in the forehead many times. Need bigger fornts to read, stopped reading books. But I can take pictures still

Rauf said...

Been traveling a lot these days Davo. Hardly at home. I mean my temporary home. My house is demolished and being rebuilt. My nephew is doing it. I have no money even to buy one brick.
Hope you are doing fine Davo, please take care.

Davo said...

Amanuensis, jeepers, haven't seen that word fer a long time.

Link, mm eyesight. Way back in 1990, noticed that was having trouble picking out individual letters in print. Went along to an Optho .. opto whatever. He told me that I was on the "borderline" and could prescribe the lightest of Specs, but that I'd be back the following year for a stronger pair. Ignored him (as is my wont) and pottered along for another two years; after all, I could still pick out ship's names and channel markers 3 nautical miles away.

And could still make a fairly accurate "guess" at a word, even if I couldn't see 60% of it.

At about 1993, had to give in on the print stuff, and bought a pair of those 1X $5.00 reading specs.

Last year, had to go get a pair of 1.5X magnifiers, but it looks like I might have to graduate to 1.75 or 2X soon.

Annoying, really, everything beyond about 6 feet is as clear as a bell.

Davo said...

And I will issue this challenge. Describe the colour blue .. to a someone who has never seen it.

Be creative.

As if you were speaking to someone who cannot see.