Monday, April 02, 2007

Biting Documentaries

Have just watched the very informative ABC "Four Corners"program on the plight of David Hicks.

(and can't find me specs, so any misspwllings are inadvertent .. heh)

Funny really.. how the entire Western (Westminster) system of Law and Order can apparently be altered by a few words by an American President .. You are with us, or against us.

Whatta loada crap.

We might just as well revert to chimpanzees.

(though, personally prefer the Bonobo method of solving conflict .. make love, not war .. heh)


Yves said...

Blimey, your eyesight is not so bad in this post, then seems to have seriously deteriorated a couple of posts later. Or is it the local wine?

Davo said...

A bit of both, Yves. One of the "disadvantages" of this new abode is that there is a corner pub within walking distance just down the road.

I did, though, mislay the specs, and thought to try a post or two without them. Found them hiding under the bed this morning, but the point is still valid. What must life be like without adequate sight?

Rauf said...

The Chimps will sue you Davo.

With all our pride racism knowledge and technology we are merrily marching towards exctinction. All the animals will have a party the day we fully go extinct.