Thursday, April 05, 2007

Trees for Life Project .. Handover

The four boxes were handed over Last Saturday. All seedlings very healthy.

The handover was brought forward by a couple of months, not sure of the reason why, but all growers had to take their boxes of seedlings to the United Water depot at the Happy Valley Reservoir last Saturday.

Am pleased to say that my "first time" effort received an "excellent" tick from the manager, but am not sure why. Only did what it said in the instruction booklet.

My effort with the Allocasuarina verticillata ended up similar to all the others ..

But looks like I had a bit more skill with the Acacia rupicola. My two boxes are on the left.

Might try it again, next year.


iamnasra said...

Its been long time...It get a bit busy uphere ...Hope you are well

Davo said...

Yup, Nasra, surviving.. sorry about the change in dates.. computers can confuse... but

standing a ground,
is sound.

GoAwayPlease said...

" Acacia rupicola. My two boxes are on the left."

Clearly superior !

Keep it up.

You might understand that I am plunged into sadness by the big pink 'X'es sprayed onto a row of flowering gums nearby where road construction is taking place.
They are on the median and look to me as though they could easily stay (for the birds). I just loathe the idiocy of it.
Contracted construction/DEstruction company who won a tender I guess.