Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blog fatigue

[Rainbow Lorikeet on fig tree in front garden. pic by Davo]

Funny, really, have heaps of information and photos about the move to the new house, but have been very tired for .. Good Gaia, three weeks!!. Work all day, come home, watch TV for an hour or so, fall asleep, stumble into bed.

Many and multitudes of thoughts and ideas tumble around all day in what passes for the sludge that I call a mind , but can't really find - and make - the effort to put it all into print.

Must be something in the air, or stars, or lethargy associated with unsolvable politics .. or something. Have to admit that it's slightly annoying, though. Broadband was reconnected, or reconfigured or something - on Wednesday last, so have been trolling around trying to catch up with my "regular" reads, but find that ..

Gerry is sporadic these days, Link is claiming "time out", Deirdre has shut down indefinitely.. nice to see that Fleming is still going strong, Yves is still fitting articulate posts into an apparently busy schedule, Andrew Bartlett, and the people at Road to Surfdom are still battling away, and Copperwitch is always brilliant. (and Rauf, I will try to visit your excellent photoblog soon, but it takes forever to download.)

Not to worry .. have a couple of unpaid "Holy Days" so will unpack some more, try to tidy up, sort out a few more belongings, find where all the spare cords, cables and power-boards are (would you believe this house has only ONE 3 pin Power-plug in each room ..arrrgh!), restock the bookshelves and see if I can spend some time writing.

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