Thursday, April 05, 2007


Eye sight, fore sight, hind sight.

In the kingdom of the blind - the one-eyed man(person) is king.

[There is a long discussion about funding for education, and attitudes of those who control said funding, but there are many other sites dealing with this issue. Have just read today that the new Media ownership laws come into effect. Haven't sighted the fine print, but it looks like the way is open for ONE Media baron to control every aspect of Australian Media dissemination. ]


GreenSmile said...

Ah, but Rupert will never buy out Wombat Media might be my only source from Oz some day

Davo said...

Only if someone still recognises, and holds to the principles of the postal system, GS. Um, have you seen the movie "The Postman" ( or some such name.) Can't quite grasp the name of the lead actor just yet, 'twill come to me..

Quite brilliant script, but little known.

Davo said...

Kevin Costner
The Postman>

Wombat said...

Meat Loaf did say "In the land of the pigs, the butcher is king". So who take off from who?