Saturday, March 31, 2007

Scrabbling back into the fray

GaaiaaH! Copper cable connected yesterday, broadband next week sometime. Details of new situation when have time.


Link said...

Do tell, how far have you moved and how are the cat and canary? Is it good?

Davo said...

Not far, next suburb. Cat and canarieS are adjusting.

Is it good/ Dunno yet, working on the definition of "good'" . heh.

Fleming said...

Hooray! The Great Wombat is back!

Davo, it is so good to have you back on the radar screen.

Tell us all about it in your inimitable style as soon as you can.

Yves said...

Great news. Those angels getting the technology sorted out too.

OperationDemocracyDataDoctor_1 said...

We've missed you.
please stand directly in front of the guns so this does not happen again!

Davo said...

"stand in front of the guns"?? Nah
does that, I just slither around the sidelines.

(tho if that bloke in Tiannenmen Square is any indication, it produces rampant Commercialism .. heh)