Saturday, March 17, 2007


Who, me? A bowl of 5 minute noodles per day?


BBC said...

I would be fine with that, I just eat to live.

Davo said...

Interesting point, BBC, some people live to eat.

Vest said...

I am the chef in our household, other wise it would be beans on toast most days.
The main meal (dinner) consists of fish twice weekly and pork,lamb, chook, beef, ham once wkly, plus min of six different vegies per day drawn from a roster of a dozen or more misc alternatives. As for the remaining meals they forage for themselves.

Fleming said...

Davo, is Wombat wandering in the wilderness? Should we send out search parties?

Yes, I'm one of those who lives to eat, which has caused my body to retain more than my share of the Earth's bounty. I really wonder if a person like me, who is already planning lunch and dinner before getting out of bed in the morning, can ever successfully "diet".

More and more I think that some people are meant to be plump and some thin, just as some of a person's days are meant to be filled with energy and achievement and some with idleness and rest.

If they'd just drop Gluttony and Lust from Seven Deadlies and replace them with Lying, I might stand a chance in Paradise.

Anne Johnson said...

And then there are those of us who are gluttons for punishment.

I hope your transition to the new home n hearth goes smoothly.

Peter said...

A good coverage of the seven deadly sins Davo, I subscribe to most if not all of them.

Davo said...

One really has to wonder when the Stats say that one in four, 1/4 of Australian children are obese.

Might be time to re-introduce National Service .. wry Heh.