Friday, March 02, 2007

Ah, those were the days ..

I really should get around to writing about all this .. one day ..

Funny, really. When under stress, my mind goes back to happier times.

(pic found on hypgnosis)


BBC said...

Love boating and being on the water.

Yves said...

It's nice to see those photos of you, as you say, in happier times. And there is no reason why you should not sail soon into more happy times, and have the time of your life. things change one way, they can change the other way. I'm going to ask my angel to have a word with your angel.

Davo said...

Thank Yves, but in my experience, Angels tend to operate on a different timescale to terrestrial "time".
(though if you can get yours to get mine to speed things up a bit, that'd be nice. Only 14 sunrises to crunch time.)

Davo said...

.. or, conversely, slow things down. Need another few weeks to get properly organised .. heh.