Friday, March 02, 2007

Yeshua's bones

Yer, I know .. but the heading of this blog does say "random and inconsistent snippets".

Have just been across to New lines from a floating Life and found a fascinating post about some blokes making a movie on the discovery of the bones of "Jesus" and his family. Am not going to write much at this point, best go to Neil's site where he has a heap of links to travel off on.

One of his interesting links is to "Jesus found dead in his grave" at Urban Semiotics. The comments on that one make interesting - and long - reading, with everyone from left, right and centre weighing in (didn't see any comments from "above" or "below", but presume God or the Devil will speak for themselves if they can).

From my point of view, the comments get a bit tedious when people start quoting from the "Bible" as "fact" or "truth", but whatever.. and the bloke's name was Yeshua.

Jesus is the name the Roman church gave to the myth.

ADDITION Sat,11.30pm.Re-edited, yet again: Have just come back from "New Lines .." where I got meself all cobbled up trying to explain something about the difference between "Yeshua" and "Jesus". Neil wrote "That’s just a matter of transliteration between languages, not a plot by the Catholic Church." .. then found self embroiled in trying to write about the transliterations and translations. Forgot, of course, to actually spend the time to Re-RESEARCH what I was trying to convey. I have attempted to write about all this previously - type "yeshua" in the "this site" googlebox, and scroll down a bit.

It did, however, remind me (yet again) to actually look up some facts before running off at the keyboard, and not try to rely on memory alone .. but further to that, and more importantly, it reminded me that "writing" something from memory and personal experience without supporting documentation, may not be all that accurate, and it wasn't all that long ago when I was looking into it. Was thinking about this problem this morning, and intended to write up a story of something that I was told about by an Aboriginal friend roughly thirty years ago, when I was in Alice Springs.

While most of the "situational" facts of my visit, and some of the dates, may be accurate
(and verifiable. I know the year -1978) - I would have to "invent" the dialogue to reflect, and convey "the idea" of what we discussed - to another set of readers, different culture, different attitudes - 30 years on, even though the conversation would be close(ish) to the original .

This, then, gives me great pause for contemplation, when one considers that "Matthew", "Mark", "Luke" and "John" (not their real names) were writing some 30-60 years after the events and conversations they were describing.

And what I was trying to convey with the sentence above this addition is that there is a vast "conceptual" difference between the names "Yeshua" and "Jesus" - even though they are only transliterations of the same name.

OK, I won't go so far as to say that "Christianity" was a "plot" by the Roman priesthood on Mons Vaticanus, circa 50 CE.. more like "systematic spin doctoring for the benefit and wealth of Rome".


BBC said...

Whatever the name, the story is sort of true, but only sort of. And the bibles are all bullshit.

The spirit (in the form of a man) was crucified, along with others, and then thrown into a ditch with the others.

End of story.

The Roman's where not nice people and they will never prove anything else.

His remains found in a tomb, Ha!!

And even if they had made it to a tomb, what in the hell has that got to do with today?

Or tomorrow?

Life on this planet is what WE make it.

Davo said...

Billy B, my few words aren't going to change anything. Roman indoctrination has infused itself into almost every aspect of the fabric of our society. One might think of oneself as "Protestant" but anyone who uses the words "Jesus" or "Christ", refers to dates as "AD" or "BC" (BBC is an exception, of course) is still hooked into the tentacles of Rome. I might think of myself as an agnostic, but if I hit my thumb with a hammer i say "Geeeesus Kerrrist!" all of those .. "Golly Gee" is a watered down version of "God Jesus". It's built in.

Davo said...

I could also be slightly facetious and say that it might be time fer Yeshua to come back and say "Oy! stop fucking around with my message".

BBC said...

Yes, our words will change nothing, we are dust on a planet.

"time fer Yeshua to come back and say "Oy! stop fucking around with my message"."

More like

"You fucked up my message."

Davo said...

Billy B, Yeshua wasn't the only one to invent that message, been around since before Krishna, Gautama.. et al. Be nice to your neighbour.

But if Gaia shrugs, she shrugs, can't do nowt about it.

Davo said...

*nowt. OE..naught, nothing .. no thing.