Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Why is it that once one thing begins to unravel .. EVERYTHING begins to unravel??

Have had to re-connect FIVE times in this past two hours to the DSL line while trying to write to the blog. Not MY fucking problem, folks, am PAYING for “continuous” connection. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! .. (sorry for that, but there are times when even adequate words fucking fail.)

It's worse than the Curette's egg. (and only Link will understand that - somewhat mistimed - jest.)

(and yes, i managed - just in time - to copy and save the longer post to the hard drive.)
and even

this post, is a bit like

Heath Ledger in the "Knight's Tale" trying
to jump over

the blades, as I watch the DSL light

blink on, and off. (the difficult bit is that I have to re-sign in to Blogger each time. FUCK!.

UPDATE 12.30pm: have had three phone calls from Telstra over the past week trying to get me back. Four hours ago I had a dusky skinned bloke who had trouble speaking Aussie english on the doorstep reminding me that Telstra owned the copper cable. Told him t'piss orf. After a few more battles with the DSL line eventually lost my temper and rang the Primus "help" line. Last time I called it took 2 hours (on speakerphone, am not silly these days) to get through to a human being, but this time was only 5 minutes. Patiently (heh) explained the situation .. i.e. am only halfway into the download limit, and why is the DSL (a) not continuous and (b) as slow as a month of wet Sundays when it works. Told him that I think Telstra is jerking their chain, (Primus piggybacks on Telstra copper cable) and if Optus want to put fibre optic cable past my front door, will be first to sign on. Total bullshit, of course, but the DSL line is now working .. heh.

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