Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Pinched this one from a 'comment' way back when Womby's drivel made sense .. of a sort ..

The notion of patience could, i guess, be turned into a rather long essay .. the stalking cat was never impatient enough to invent the shotgun, Wildebeasts have never become impatient enough to invent the aeroplane .. heh.

Only really mention this because I. AM. Impatient.  Have been trying to negotiate bureaucratic blockages to get my Yamaha XT250 motorbike re-registered for use in South Australia. YES, i understand the reasons, YES, perhaps necessary to 'control' things ... but also find it extremely frustrating. With frustration, the beginnings of anger appear. Anger is not very socially acceptable.

Settle down Davo, breathe deeply - all is well, and progressing as it should ....

Perhaps some background on this. NSW 'rules and regulations ' are somewhat different to those in South Australia. Did ring the local "Roads and Transport" Authority to ask how to do this. O, just go to your local RTA office and they'll sort it out. Really? The 'local' RTA is a 300klm round trip away.
O, they say, then the local police will inspect the vehicle and give you the paperwork.

Rang the local constabulary landline number. Hello, Port Pirie here. ???
Port Pirie is 500klm away. UM, say i, wanted to talk to the 'local' policeman.
O, he's on a day off, ring again tomorrow at about 9am.
Did that. Organised that he should call in to my place that day to check the NSW rego papers and confirm that the engine Number and VIN numbers coincided.
Waited all day. No turn-up, and no contact.
This morning, 9am, rang again. O, will be there today. (grrrr mmph).

11am, policeman turns up.  Was somewhat shocked to be told that the motorbike had been stolen in New South Wales ..

... but had been recovered and was now legally registered in my name .... phew!. Am not in the habit of being the receiver of 'stolen' goods.

So, to borrow a phrase, All's well that ends well.
Apart from the fact that now have to - a/. travel to Kadina and back to sort out the actual registration plates ... then b/. Organise a 'test' on the bike to "up-grade" my "learner's" permit for South Australia - which expires on November 11th. (hello Guy Fawkes, have a smidge of understanding with you ... heh).  MumbleGrumble ... a "learner" after 55 years experience with a wide range of motor vehicles, on many roads throughout Australia? Bleah!

Am hoping that my 'lifetime' licence to exist on this planet will not "expire" any time soon.

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