Friday, October 28, 2016


Words are interesting concepts. At this point would like to add a smidge more detail about my interaction with a policeman today. Referring back to the inspection of my motorbike.

Yes, there was a discussion about the "fee". On the phone told me that the Fee was AU$58.00. He did not carry cash, so please have the exact amount on hand.

Self was lazy, did not 'go into town' to find the exact amount.
Policeman turns up, self only had a $50.00 and a $10.00 note on hand.
"Can't take that" he sez.
"Oh, just put the other $2.00 into the local charity box", say I.
"Can't do that. I have to write a receipt for $58.00. Also have to account for every cent in my cash container"
"Sheesh", say i, old school, innocently "'tis only two bucks, what's the problem?"

"If," he responds, "at some time in the future you have occasion to question my integrity in court, and bring this discrepancy up - my integrity is shot".

Doubt that i would ever have occasion to question his integrity in court - but see his point.

We parted with a handshake.
(and a promise from me that would deliver the exact amount at 9am next Monday).


Vest said...

An honest Cop? I wonder what he is hiding ?

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...
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Davoh said...

Have no idea, Vestie, whether he is honest or not ....
.. but has helped me to re-register that Trail bike ... heh.

Davoh said...

Photographs and/or descriptions of exploits on bike may follow.

Davoh said...

And also to clarify - fees and charges to the "Gummint" of South Australia - am now a "legal" rider of a motorbike in South Australia - for three months.

Davoh said...

um Vestie ... is there some sort irony - or jest - in that my motorbike has a 'registration plate' S48-AUD. WOT!!! 'tis only worth 48 Aussie dollars?
Bugger orf, have been discussing with a nearby pub owner and i can swap it fer $2000 AUD fer a Jackaroo engine.

Um, here is no black market in Australia .. take my word as belief ... heh. Might put self into politics.

Hey, can re-organise the federal budget. Don't tax the poor - simply take 10% of every dollar transferred overseas ... heh.

Davoh said...

Though find it interesting that "banks" can 'borrow' at 1.5% ...
then "lend" at 21% ..???