Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Watched an interesting documentary on local SBS TV the other night.

Mark Zuckerberg chortling that "sharing" information was a good thing ,,, but the 'investigator' in the documentary could find very little information about how Facebook works, or what they are doing with the vast amount of information that they collect on individual users.

Sign onto Facebook at your peril.
(oddly, i do have , or had, a Facebook page. They'll say that you can't use a nom de plume - yes, you can, i have; but apart from creating an account - have never given them any more information).


Vincent said...

I occasionally resurrect my account briefly in order to check out someone or something but then I close it back down again when I've finished---easy when you know how.

Davoh said...

Ah, Vincent ... there is always G[uur]gle ... perhaps more subtle and far reaching?

Vest said...

I have never had a Facebook A/C