Monday, January 18, 2016

Departure .. and arrival

Ah. guess that i'd better write an update. This will only be a short summary. More detail, and photos, will be posted later (mainly because as i write the story of the Journey from sunny corner NSW to where i am now - more details occur to me next day).

Suffice it to say that departed NSW  at 2pm on Friday 11th December 2015 - and, after an interesting journey through the backblocks of New South Wales - arrived on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia on Tuesday 29th December 2015. Then came the fraught process of looking for a suitable house to rent.

 Am now typing this in a lovely little cottage in a very small seaside town on Yorke Peninsula. Not much furniture, as all my 'stuff' is still back in NSW - but have the basics; and the kitchen is workable. One of the joys is the bathroom. Cannot really explain the sheer pleasure of a long hot shower after 18 days "on the road", living in a tent or sleeping in the back of the Jackaroo. Through some of the hottest, dryest country.

More detail later.


Vincent said...

Well done, good on yer mate! You're further south than Albany & Denmark, which I've visited. Cool summer weather? I just looked it up on google maps.

Look forward to more pics & details

Davoh said...


Aha, have just discovered that THIS gurgle account is not "linked" to any other of my 'gurgle' online accounts (probably since it was set up a bit before the Google anaconda gobbled up the independent "Blogger").

The Editor said...

So... You've moved from that rather dark location...
Good on you. Glad to see you're still with us.
Hope you're well. Cheers, Gerry