Sunday, February 07, 2016

the olde and the new

 Dodo the Clown - Theatre62 Adelaide; circa 1970

Dingbat - circa 2016

Dunno what happened then - lost about two paragraphs ..... GAH!!!!
O, seem to have the connection . Whatever happened to the intervening years?

Shoreline - Southern Yorke Peninsula

Old and new.


Davoh said...

At some point will upload more photos (and comments) about the southern Yorke Peninsula "wind farm".

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Hello Davoh - do you pronounce it Dayvo or Dahvo? Good to meet you. Best wishes for your new home.

There's a smile behind that wary look in your eyes.

Vincent said...

It's hard to recognize you in all that clown paint, and yet something rmains unchanged. If you can reconstitute the gist of those lost paras, your readers may be the wiser. Meantime, the white face-fungus suits you. Especially the brows.

Kooka said...

o, ya mean someone actually reads this stuff?

(note to self; must try harder [which is mostly the response from every "teacher" that have come across in my chequered life, so far).

thanks fer responding - internet connection sporadic. can't promise much.
and it seems have mislaid my original Gurgle account GAH!

Davoh said...

Natalie. how can you possibly assume the "good to meet you" trope.
Stand naked in my house. Otherwise all wordish crap is simply that.

Vincent said...

Oi David, you are talking to my friend, let us be gentlemen. On the other hand your invitation to the lady, if serious, can be conveyed in privacy by email!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

I wasn't being trope-ish and I meant what I said: good to meet you. It's not necessary to be witty, original, etc. all the time. I reserve the right to be banal sometimes. I hope I stand naked in my work as artist but apart from that, I'm pretty shy.

Davoh said...

Ah, Natalie ... while i love Vincent; will not resile from what i wrote.
Have been having a squizz at some of your online 'stuff'.

you don't really have to stand physically naked in my backyard (though, that is - from my point of view - ultimate truth and honesty).

Shy? what sort of word is that? We all hide ourselves in one way or another. Donald Trump hides his inadequacies behind bluster and a crappy hair-piece .... heh heh heh.

Davoh said...

Vincent, am sure that Natalie can adequately defend herself (in several languages, apparently).

Vincent said...

It's just that I pretend to be a gentleman, one of the old school before feminism, when ladies were treated as fragile & special.

Davoh said...

O, to answer your question about the 'pronunciation' of Davo or Davoh.
It's sort of a slowish 'daay .. vo' ... (as distinct from the European city "Da vos") but since it's written - any thing is OK.

Davoh said...

Vincent? What are you doing here. Instant comment? Am paranoid enough about Concealed cameras in the streets.... bwah.

Davoh said...

Vincent ... ah, try to keep up.
one of the old school before feminism, when ladies were treated as fragile & special.

These days females are supposed to be equal to blokes. If there's a problem, just take 'em round the back of the pub fer a punch up ...Wry heh.

Vest said...


Davoh said...

Nice to know that you remain alive, Vestie - and yep. i do read the Daily Gaggle. Should write more to this blog, i guess.